Friday, April 13, 2012

in the fourth month

poor baby kennedy is getting jipped on this whole blogging business
she entered my life just as instagram did but that doesn't mean she's any less bloggable
than her big brothers so let's play a little catch up, shall we?
(for the sake of my comparisons: HERE's atticus at four months
and HERE's beck at four months)

and sorry to my friends on the gram - repeats...

so the little miss is four months old! four months old puts her in a whole new category of baby life.
she's wiggly and chatty and social and smiley.
she's always chattin it up with her brothers talking about how cool her parents are
and how she can't wait to wear the new outfit mom bought her.
she completely lights up the second anyone looks at her and says hi.
it's so cute i might blow up. and you might too. beware.


she's getting really strong although not sitting up quite yet...
so we just stash her in the corner for photo shoots

although i'm a firm believer that "nobody puts baby in a corner"


i realize that you're not interested in my child's head circumference
but who am i to deny the public details of such interest?

therefore: four month stats
24 1/4 inches tall, 50th percentile
15 lbs. 4 oz, 75-90th percentile (that's my creamy milk in action, peeps)
head circumference (here's the biggie): 39 1/2 cm, which is actually mini - 10th percentile
i birth mini headed children

the boys accompanied the girls on K's four month check up
atticus fretted all week long knowing that she would be getting shots at her appointment
he informed me that he would come to the appointment but he would not watch her get shots
i thought that was fair

we played around and destroyed the doctor's office while we awaited the nurse
and as soon as he walked in atticus grabbed darek's psp out of my diaper bag and removed himself to a chair
on the far side of the room at which point he reminded me that he would not be watching the festivities.

happy for all involved the little miss miraculously didn't cry - we got a free pass this time
nevertheless, big brothers were quick to rush to her side and offer their condolences post shots


baby girl drinks lots of milk
and eats lots of fingers, mostly her own but she doesn't discriminate
in fact this morning while snuggling she latched onto my nose like she thought it would provide breakfast
but it didn't


she's also recently entered the pterodactyl stage
which is code for she screeches a lot

in fact she's screeching as i'm writing this and making atticus and i laugh
although atticus just asked her to be quiet because - quote - "she's loud and it makes me die."
meaning that somehow her antics are causing him to lose whatever game he's playing on my phone


she can also put her pacifier in her mouth, all by herself. i know what you're thinking. prodigy.
and sometimes she does it with her left hand, which makes darek aglow with daddy pride
as he really wants a left-handed child. beck is also very helpful in the pacifier department.
he's often found shouting "fire! fire!" while gently shoving the paci into kennedy's mouth. so helpful.


we've also entered the large contraption phase of babyhood
and now i shower more frequently


she's still a good sleeper although i'm finding that every few weeks my milk supply seems to lessen for a few days which leaves her hungry and nursing every couple hours for a few days. it's awesome. and really tiring. and just when i think i've got this motherhood gig in the bag i wake up in the morning without ever having really gone to sleep during the night and those tend to be the days that atticus asks crazy things like, "mom, why are you mean mom today?"
these are the moments i record on the blog for two purposes:
1) hoping that some of you moms out there can relate, and
2) hoping someday it will be funny
but not today

anywho, sometimes i hold her while i vacuum because it puts her to sleep
but she's getting so big that she's breaking my back
so now she just moves from room to room with me while i vacuum
and snoozes like so


and here she is reminding us all that she is F-O-U-R months old
and has good taste in clothes


i've been rather absent on the computer lately, thanks to siri
but have discovered that kennedy loves to lay on the office floor
and watch the trees blowing out the window.
so welcome back to the blogging world, amberli!

yesterday's tree gazing

the picture above also reminds me to point out that i've at last birthed a blue eyed child! holla!
plus hers are brighter blue than mine, maybe my dad's color, which i love.
and she has her grandpa mccoy's little elf ears.
which i also love

and speaking of love...
brotherly love


could you die?

alrighty how's that for a kennedy catch up?
she is the most delicious of all

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

four months old


oh dear, has it really been a month since i last blogged?
i shall remedy that soon

in the meantime i can't let today pass
without acknowledging that my baby is four months old
which means she's getting big
and chubby
and social

and cuter by the minute