Sunday, January 22, 2012

~ seven weeks old ~


i was warned that once i started using my iphone
i'd rarely bust out my real camera to take pictures

and heed the warning, i did not

hence i've rarely busted out my real camera this month
~ just as predicted ~
which has resulted in some serious blog sufferage

this little lady is seven weeks old today
and what better reason to bust out my camera for a couple photos, eh?


sundays always seem like the perfect day to take pictures of my kids because
1) they have clothes on (remember how my boys are mostly nakey buns most days?)
and 2) not only do they have clothes on, but they have cute clothes on

note: i was especially a fan of today's ensembles

~ but ~
it's a myth
sundays are not the perfect day to take pictures
because 1) there's no time before church since we're already late
and 2) it's impossible after church since there are hungry, tired kids to manage
~ plus ~
today my hungry, tired kids were in the back yard with the hose on making mud
(in there cute church ensembles, mind you)
before i could demand
"sit down
look nice
say cheese!"

so instead
i stripped the boys to save the clothes (see? nakey buns)
i nursed kennedy while the boys made mud
and i took pictures of her between spit ups

and altho i didn't get quite what i wanted
(she's cooing and smiling...but not for my camera)
these will have to do


i love you sweet baby K
you're a dream
come true
and enough of this blog sufferage
i declare this week blog week
let the blogging begin


Melynne said...

oh i loved that post! so true, every bit of it. she was so good today in church just staring at the wall, totally content while someone was holding her! i need to order a baby like that!

Crazy Lady said...

me and girls oohed and ahhhed over miss kennedy today and these pictures. soo cute. ok so when are we going to plan your next trip to cali?