Sunday, January 08, 2012

five weeks old
updates on the babe

this little miss did her first full three hours of church today and she was great!
she slept most of the time then hung out with our friend/the kid's babysitter the rest of the time since darek and i have busy callings. (thanks A!!!)
i've decided to do myself a favor and pump a bottle before church each week in case the little miss gets hungry while i'm doing my song and dance primary chorister routine then some helpful someone can feed her. brilliant, no?
why didn't i think of that two kids ago?


she also had her one month check up last week. she weighed in at a hefty 10 lbs! (75th %) and measured 21 inches long (50th %). her head was a measly little 36 cm (10-25th %) which indeed qualifies her as a mini-head, just like her big brothers. she is also starting to make eye contact and coo and smile at people. the pediatrician claims she's still too young for this and that it's just a reflex, and yet i beg to differ.
i believe the real explanation is simply that she is an infant prodigy.


she has had a week straight of sleeping 5-7 hours for the first stretch of the night and consistently nursing at about 3:30 am then sleeping until morning. that's pretty dang fantastic in my opinion. and last night was the cherry on top of the cake - she slept until 5am at which point i went in and begged her to nurse to save my girls from potential mastitis. she just did a dream feed and kept on a-sleeping for the rest of the night. i don't know how much longer she'd have slept if i hadn't gone in at five but i'm calling victory and counting it as sleeping through the night. woo hoo! clearly this won't happen every night from now until the cows come home, but it happened last night so that's pretty rad.

her big brothers still love love love her, always want to hold her and give her little love touches on her fuzzy little head. she did, however, get her first non-love touch from big brother beckett last week. i was nursing her...he didn't want me to be nursing she got a swat to the head.
and it was no teensy swat. she was not happy. i was not happy. beck was not happy.
but we survived.

people keep asking how life with three kids is going and truth be told, the babe is my easy child. and not just because she's an easy peasy baby or because by baby #3 i have more of a clue of what to do, but mostly because it's life with my crazy toddlers that's sort of driving me crazy. remember how a long time ago i told you that i want to have my kids two years apart? how come, in that moment, you didn't point out to me that that would mean i'd have a terrible two's and a freaking four's at the same time? that would have been helpful foresight. oh well, sometimes it's better to not know these things beforehand, else we'd never do them at all.

however, in all fairness to the boys, although they have been really sweet to their sister, i know that a lot of their acting out is just their adjustment to having a new baby in the house. it's been tough but not overly terrible. we'll just suffice it to say that last week was not drama-free...and leave it at that. plus one day i got a two hour nap...and that helped too.

kennedy also stayed with her first non-family babysitter last night (again, thanks A!!) we had planned on leaving the boys and taking the babe on our date but then our stellar babysitter said she'd be fine if we left her (because she's the baby whisperer, mind you) and since this is my third child and not my first child i took her up on her offer before the words had even left her mouth! then i shouted a hearty AMEN and enjoyed a childless date with my husband! can i get another amen? thank you.

oh yes...and ps - i still call her "baby girl"
kennedy is just simply not rolling off the tongue yet
i'll keep practicing

and pps, in case you're wondering:
we're having waffles and quesadillas for dinner tonight
how's that for life with three kids?


erica said...

My 2nd child was very nearly Jillian, but then we named her Evelyn. We named her quickly and it took probably 3-6 months before I felt like Evey was actually Evey. she was called baby girl a lot too.

MaryClaire said...

she's adorable and so is your whole, officially not so small, family. hang in there with the boys. it is an adjustment. Parker turned 4 a week after Dylan was born and Natalie was indeed 2, so I've been there. It was definitely an adjustment for both of them that lasted about 6-8 weeks, so you're on the home stretch. A friend told me that a pediatrican told her that getting a new sibling is right up there with a move and a death in the family as far as traumatizing life circumstances go for little kids. It helped to remember that. They're lucky kids to have you!