Tuesday, January 31, 2012

eight weeks old


the picture below floated about instagram and facebook for a few days
so you've maybe already seen it

but if not - it's worth a good look
no, that's not photoshop
it's spit up

lots of it

the happy girl is smiling and chatty it up these days
she has one little coo that kind of gurgles in the back of the throat and sounds like a "meow"
very fitting for this little cat woman

....in love...


peeping over dad's shoulder checking me out
she stays up with us in the evenings watching shows after her big brothers go to bed
she usually just snoozes in our arms then goes to bed when we do
it's good snuggle time, especially for dad since he misses her all day


this little chicky likes to roll from her tummy to her back during tummy time
and has even rolled to her side from her back a couple times

she's a champion sleeper, often taking at least a 3 hour nap in the afternoons (sometimes 4-5 hours!)
and last night slept her longest stretch until 6 am!! woo hoo!

the boys still love love love her
they snuggle her and tickle her and "hi baby!" her each chance they get
beck tries to pick her up or drag her out of her bouncy seat also each chance he gets
he also likes to "hold" (read: mangle) her hand in the car, as their carseats are side by side
oh yeah, and rest his foot on her face

they always give her fuzzy little head a sweet love pat when they say hi
sometimes beck gets a little overzealous and his soft love pat turns into a giddy head smash
that's the time to intervene

they also think it's real funny to get right in her face and growl/spit "HI BABY!"
also the time to intervene

overall things are great. we have good days and bad days but are surviving all of the above.
the toddler meltdowns are slowing down as well which is a relief.
but the biggest relief of all? i'm headed on my annual girls trip this weekend!


Gramma Dani said...


laura said...

Awesome spit-up picture!

Amanda & Garlan McCoy said...

I think you need to enter that picture into a contest of some kind. Garlan can't stop talking about it! haha

JS said...

ok, that spit up picture is amazing. Merrick did that... it was crazy! I can't believe you got it on film though!