Sunday, December 11, 2011

this little garden gnome
is one week old


i've really been riding the new mom euphoria wave this week
which is easy to do with my mom in town and darek taking a few days off work
taking care of three kids is a cinch when you have three adults

my mom leaves tomorrow
and darek heads back to work
and my euphoria wave just might crash

i guess i'll just take it one day at a time
and hope for the best


the babe is so far a great sleeper
plus darek has been super dad the last two nights,
up with a baby and and a bottle so i could get some decent stretches of sleep


and of course i have the little lady's two big brothers helping out
beck prefers binkie replacement duty



beck walked in from church today and right away asked where "baby" was and came over to admire
atticus walked in a minute later and and asked right away where "cat woman" was and came over to admire
and it made my heart melt


and mostly i just can't believe i have three kids
(love atticus' enthusiasm here...)


so anywho, wish me luck


An Ordinary Mom said...

She is the cutest garden gnome I have ever seen! Stunningly beautiful! Maybe you could think of a name for her from the garden/flower theme ... Sage, Lily, Laurel, Linnea, Xeni, Violet, Bryony, Amaryllis, Azalea, Dahlia, Zinnia, or Camellia. Just for fun :) !!

And darling outfit ... I love all the shots you got of her. What a great way to capture the feelings during the first week of life.

Ride that euphoria wave as long as you have it ... hopefully it won't part with you anytime soon! So glad you are feeling good! Good luck when your help leaves tomorrow, we will keep you in our prayers!

Crazy Lady said...

i love that outfit!

i always think 3 kids is like a turning point. welcome to the majors.

i'm so jealous of all these awesome pictures of her, I've always wanted to do that with mine. so i'm going to live it through you :)