Friday, December 16, 2011

the little miss


and her tiny feet


this is kind of a lame picture of me but i wanted to show how tiny this little girl is.
it's so hard to tell in pictures that she's mini and everyday she is getting less mini so here it is.


'tis true that this girl is still nameless. i know, i know! i need to get on the ball.
we were 99 % sure on cosette last week then darek shook things up by coming up with a name
we hadn't considered's still under consideration but perhaps due to be revealed soon.
i named the boys so perhaps i should give in a let daddy name our girl?
what do you think?

ok so beck came in while i was blogging this
and had a little wrestle with baby sister

luckily i still had my camera out



poor girl!
don't worry, despite the looks of the following photo,
no babies were harmed while photographing this little sibling interaction


so also in the middle of this post
the boys came and stole the computer from me to play the batman game

little partners in crime


the end


Amanda & Garlan McCoy said...

We can't wait to hear what her name is so we can stop calling her D&A's girl. haha PS - you look great in that mirror pic. :)

becky said...

you don't even look like you just had a baby. Good luck on the name. Bryan normally does the spelling once we decide on a name but this time I decided on the spelling and he was okay with it. So glad he was I was ready to put up a fight for the spelling. Can hardly wait to find out what her name is.

Sara said...

I LOVE that you took a picture of her next to you! Not only is it sweet but you can really see how little she is...and you look so good...where did all that baby stuff go?? Keep rockin it!