Monday, December 12, 2011

each time i've had a new baby
i've considered renaming my blog

* the spit up diaries *

because that just seems to sum it up nicely


today, for instance, i was holding this little girl with her head cradled at my elbow.
in other words, her mouth was a good foot a half from my face

but did that stop the spit up from reaching me?

think gushing water fountain
soaking my neck
drenching my shirt
cascading down my usually-not-there-but-definitely-there-while-nursing cleavage
we love that sensation, no?

the good news, however, is that i, amberli mccoy, got all three of my rascley kids down for naps at the same time today. and the real kicker? three hours later beck and babe are both still asleep and atticus just barely got up. i know. hate me if you must. fate dealt me a kind hand today, knowing that i was leary about surviving after my mom left this morning. let us hope fate remains so kind...and perhaps that the spit up lets up soon.


Crazy Lady said...

Wow she is changing looks so much already...can't wait to see her and I better not have a cold so I can hold her!

becky said...

I can't believe that she is spitting up already. Mine hasn't spit up once I keep waiting but nothing yet. She is so cute. I was so proud of myself this morning since I got Brysban fed, dressed and ready to go and got the girls ready to go and got Addy to school on time. It was a bad night last night so I was glad this morning went so well. This is the first day that I had to take Addy to mom has been coming to do that for me. I was very excited that I did it by myself. I totally understand the weeping of mom leaving too. Mine is close and I can have her come in a few minutes if I really need her but Yesterday was my first day by myself too and then today I did it all by myself. Also doesn't help that I have had nursing issues with this little one. i am hoping it is getting better now that he is out of the lights.

erica said..., is she named yet? I thought the hospital cut off was on monday. and she sure is pretty. and stylish. she must get that from her mamma.