Saturday, December 10, 2011

* baby girl *
born sunday december 4, 2011
12:16 am


we are just absolutely smitten by this little lady
we prayed for a peaceful little soul and so far our prayers have been answered


i've delayed blogging this girl's birth story this week because we have yet to decide on her name...ridiculous, right? (incidentally, atticus insists that her name is cat woman and can't figure out why this has not yet been finalized. he also asked me last week if the baby was going to come out my mouth or my belly or my bum, but that's a different subject entirely.) but alas, if i don't blog it now she'll be graduating from college before i ever make it happen, so here goes...

** disclaimer - i'm including all the details for the sake of family record keeping, so skip if you must **

we spent last saturday in a cleaning/preparing frenzy because my doctor had scheduled to break my water early sunday morning and we knew it was our last prep day before the babe made her debut. i actually didn't feel very good about having scheduled the induction since saturday was my due date and there was no reason to rush the little lady if she wasn't ready to come. but of course it was so convenient to be able to plan and to have the boys over to brandon and cori's in plenty of time to make it to the hospital stress free. but still, i didn't like the idea of making her come when was convenient for me. i really wanted to trust that she was ready and that my body knew what it was doing. i gotta admit tho, somewhere deep down inside i knew that she was close and i just kept praying that saturday would be lucky day and that my body would go into labor on its own.

so we cleaned and packed and plotted and planned with B&C to have the boys over there that night in time for brandon's birthday cake and ice cream. well low and behold next thing you know i'm having contractions! they kicked in strong enough to start timing at about 4:30 and by six not only was i calling cori and disrupting her family at the movies on a birthday date for brandon but i was calling a friend in our ward to come over and hang out with the boys for the half an hour until cori could get here to pick up the boys because we couldn't wait. the contractions were 4 minutes apart and getting stronger and i was so happy!!! charlotte came over to be with the boys and by 6:15 we were cruising to the hospital. they put me in triage to watch me for an hour and of course when i laid down the contractions slowed and lightened but luckily they decided to keep me. there was no way i was leaving. i kept reminding them that my babes come fast and i wasn't planning on giving birth in the car.


so after an hour in triage they spent about an hour getting me admitted and poked with all manner of IVs and all that la dee dah. i had to have two doses of penicillin and a bag of fluids before they could do my epidural which was fine since i was only at about a 4 1/2. after an hour of fluids the anesthesiologist was on his way to my room when he got called away for an emergency c-section. they told me i had to wait an hour for my epidural and i have to be honest i wasn't that excited about that because by then my contractions were strong. in fact, in that one hour i dilated from a 4 1/2 to a NINE! the contractions were super intense and really frequent. stronger than anything i've ever felt before. apparently i've always gotten my epidural before i had reached contractions of that intensity. i hate to be a wuss but i've got a whole new appreciation for all you natural birthers out there. i can't imagine pushing a baby out during those contractions. but i also admit that i'm glad it worked out the way it did. i felt kind of buff experiencing those contractions. and as soon as i got my epidural it was time to push so i was happy that i did all the laboring without meds...but then still real happy that i delivered with them. ha!

while we were waiting for the doc the nurse had me do one push to break my water. as soon as i did she said, "oh man! you're a good pusher! don't push again until the doctor is in here or else you'll deliver without him." she kept talking about how good of a pusher i am. i thought that was so funny. it's like when they compliment me on the shape of my uterus (remember how i had a doctor give me a high five and hearty "nice uterus!" before?) so anyway, the doc came in and we were all prepped and ready to go. it only took two pushes for the little lady to make her appearance. she had maconeum in her fluid (i know you don't want to know all these details, but for the sake of keeping a family record...) so the doc actually had me push out her head then wait while he suctioned her mouth, then one more push to push out her body. i always have the nurses position a mirror down by the doctor so i can watch all the action and it was incredible to see. the very second we saw her face darek and i both said how much she looked just like beckett (although more than a pound smaller.) we couldn't believe it. she was just incredible. they took her right to cleaning table instead of placing her on my chest since she needed more suctioning from the maconeum, just to be safe. i really love that moment when they first put a new babe on my chest but i was happy that it worked out this way because then darek was the one to experience all the first precious moments of bonding with her. she held his fingers while they cleaned her up. it was incredible. oh and one more detail you might want to skip - when darek cut the chord it straight up splattered blood up the wall five feet away. gross right? couldn't believe it. and while we're discussing the gore of child birth i got a nice little demonstration on the ins and outs of the placenta and my stitches (second degree tear) from the doc. i'm usually all wrapped up in the babe while that goo is happening but since darek was with her i got the low down from the doc and i must say, it was pretty interesting.

she weighed in at a meager 7 lbs 4 oz, and 19 inches long. our smallest baby. i just assumed she'd be the biggest since she made it to her due date, but she is just as mini as mini can be. at discharge she was down to 6 lbs 15 oz, but back up to 7 lbs 6 oz by her first pediatrician appointment on thursday. she's a great eater and a great sleeper and i hope nothing changes!

she looks all swollen and chubby in this picture but as soon as that swelling went down she turned into the miniest little mini. chicken legs and all. love!


she's a natural born nurser and pretty much spent that first night nursing and nursing


she's also a natural born spitter...just like big brother beck


and as you know...she spent her hospital time nameless
i got lots of looks from hospital personnel, especially the birth certificate people
"what do you mean you don't have a name?"

they gave me eight days from discharge to call and give them her name
the clock is ticking...

for now "baby girl mccoy"

sunday night brandon and cori brought the boys over to meet baby girl
it was probably the most precious moment of my life thus far, our three children all together for the first time
they both LOVE their baby sister. atticus is always patting her head and "oooing and aahing"
and beck is always pointing and saying "baby!" and trying to put the pacifier in her mouth
YES! thank the heavens above, the girl is a paci-taker, unlike her big brothers.
and she took a bottle of pumped milk from daddy last night. hallelujah!
this contributes greatly to the amount of sleep to be had around here.

the kids

the family

beck giving me a sly little look of love. melt.

uncle brandon swaddled up kitty in beck's favorite blankie so he could walk around with a baby too. it was just pretty much too cute to stand. i know it's obnoxious to hear parents say things like that but i'm pretty sure parents are supposed to be obnoxious when it comes to loving on their kids. cori also took the boys to buy little baby dolls so they could come home with babies just like mommy and daddy were coming home with a baby. so cute, right?


monday morning we woke up eager to be discharged. the hospital just gets so tiring with everyone coming in every hour of the day and night poking and prodding and blood pressure checking and whatnot.

all dressed up and ready to go home

the wheelchair victory ride of a new (again) mother
this is always a happy moment for me


we had another day at home to adjust with the boys still over at brandon and cori's. it was so nice and quiet and peaceful and a good little recovery time, although i missed my boys like mad. my mom flew in tuesday and darek picked up the boys that evening. they were so happy to come home and see little babe. and even more happy to open the gifts she brought them.

i can't thank brandon, cori and kids enough to taking our boys. they had the time of their lives and i was filled with peace knowing they were in good hands.
THANK YOU!!!! we love love love you guys!!


this week has just been all the nursing and changing and loving and snuggling and trying-to-nap-when-you-can-ing that comes with a newborn. we've got a pretty good system of darek doing half the night on the couch with the girl and me doing half the night. things are so relaxed and enjoyable this time around. i'm sure it's a combination of finally knowing what we're doing (third times a charm?) and the fact that baby girl is just an easy peasy as they come (please don't jinx. i know tough times are ahead but i'll just enjoy this while it lasts) but things have been awesome through this transition. having my mom here this week has been the blessing of all blessings! not only is it so nice to have the cleaning/cooking/toddlering help but it's just so nice to have the company! i love that my mom is here helping me be a mom. it's such a blessing. THANK YOU mom for coming!!

my recovery is pretty incredible this time around too. normal tired and sore but totally bearable and very little need for any pain killers, even while still in the hospital. i feel so blessed and so grateful! phew!

three days old


tiny feet

rewind: i took these pictures last saturday morning whilst the boys were cereal mess-making during breakfast. i thought i'd take pics of them through out the day and do a little "last day with just the boys" post but things got busy and crazy and then suddenly i was in labor and headed to the hospital so this is all we got.


my happy beck in a momentary glare


overall, everything happened perfectly. i wouldn't change a thing and i feel so grateful to these sweet boys who are already such cute big brothers and this sweet little girl who has already brought a new spirit and peace to our home.

thanks for all the love a support
stay tuned for a name soon...


Jeannie said...

I was thinking about you today. What cute pictures! It is funny how a new baby makes Beckett look so huge! We have had weird germs this week so we will wait till we are all better but then we'd love to come meet her!

Tiffany said...

You have done a wonderful job documenting all of this in word and photographs! She is DARLING. Your boys are DARLING and your striped wall is darling!! (I have a similar one in my bathroom!) . I LOVE her outfit in those last couple pics.

Can't wait to hear the name. Do you have a couple you are choosing from? Just be sure not to name her something TOO trendy. that's what I got --- TIFFANY. It screams the 80's. who names their kids that anymore?

Amy D. said...

She is sooooo cute. I love her already and think she looks just like Beck, but girlified. Can't wait until she has a name and can't wait to talk about the blood hitting the wall in person. I threw up in my mouth. Loves to you all.....xoxoxox

Trisha said...

What a precious little girl. She is beautiful. Congratulations!

Crazy Lady said...

She is soooooo cute. Jason and I r dying over her!

She can rock any name...seriously. She will make whatever u pick awesome and cool.

Aubrey said...

Congratulations Amberli! She is adorable and love the pictures. Best of luck.

emily a. said...

Congrats! She's so beautiful and I'm excited to hear what name you pick out too.

Melynne said...

ah loved the story! now can't wait to hear it face to face... she is precious. someone at church made me think you named her Gidget!!! yikes.

An Ordinary Mom said...

Absolutely precious ... precious to the max!!!

I love these kinds of posts! Love them to death ... even if they do make me a bit sad knowing I will never get to experience in this newness of life again ... at least I get to be a grandma someday :) !!

Your little baby girl is beautiful! I adore the "daddy's girl" outfit and the gray one with pink. Little girl stuff is so fun ... glad you get to enjoy it ... I wish K had a little sister like that to dote one. So fun!

I can't wait to snuggle that little lady. Hopefully sometime next summer!

So glad everything went well. What a great labor and what a little babe ... my lightest was 8 lbs 3 oz and that was still nearly 3 weeks early!

I hope you continue to get some rest!

We love and miss you! Give all the kids love for us!

Ambrosia said...

Hooray! What a darling pie! I love a good (and detailed/gory) birth story and yours was a great one! I love that Atticus calls her cat woman. Part of my Maia's middle name is Catherine and I call her "Cat" or "Maia Cat" all the time. If you used a version of Catherine then Atticus could still call her Cat Woman ;) Catherine Cosette McCoy sounds great to me ;) Good luck with picking a name. I can't wait to hear what clicks between the two of you. I am sure it will be awesome.

KamilahNYC said...

Dying right now. You are AMAZING.