Monday, November 07, 2011

surviving the time change

so you know how sundays can kind of sometimes sort of be something of a nightmare with kids?
church is always a little crazy. then they come home hungry from missing lunch and tired from delaying nap.
and there's always this hectic time of trying to get tired kids fed and to naps before your house falls down.
and then they nap late because they went down late and then bedtime is all amuck.
not that i'm complaining - it's just a fact of life. but yeah, you know how that is?

and then the time changes...
and it all gets a little more messed up then normal
and you feel so sad because your toddler rises with the sun and you've loved that the sun
has been sleeping in until 7am instead of 6am. and let's be honest, you'd really rather have an extra
hour of sunshine in the evenings to play outside, and not the extra in the morning that wakes up your kids.
and because now my kids wake up from nap and it's dark outside. such confusion.
yeah, you know how that is?

well we decided to nip the jetlaggishness of the time change in the bud
and have the kids skip sunday naps and then just go to bed an hour early
this required a great amount of creativity to keep them happy and occupied

first project - for all you pinteresting people out there, perhaps you've come across
THIS recipe for the most amazing cinnamon roll cake ever
and you've just been waiting for the perfect time to make it
well, a no-nap sunday is indeed the perfect time to make it
especially if your tired kids are temporarily so happy to be making a baking mess
and you're willing to clean it all up because the delicious cake and happy kids are so worth it
that's a win, win

but it wasn't a clean project
so naturally, i took pictures

three bowls required:
one for atticus to make a mess in
one for beckett to make a mess in
and one for mom to make a cake in
and let's be honest, i'm not much of a bake-from-scratch type (for shame!)
but i scratched this sucker out and it was delish!

beck's mess-making

the highlight of the whole project (um, besides eating the deliciousness)
was beck's spontaneous prayer. suddenly he just felt inclined to put all his mess-making tools aside
and offer a little prayer. and luckily i had my camera all ready for prayer photos.


but despite the angelic prayer
we still got a devilish mess
sort of like it snowed in our kitchen


and atticus was still in his church clothes, which is always a plus
and he required an extra bath for all the cake-making ingredients that ended up in his hair


so post cake-baking but pre cake-eating we went for a little bike ride around the neighborhood.
i abandoned my camera at this point although i wish i had gotten atticus cruising on his scooter for the first half of the ride. why do my boys look so grown up to me these days? anyway, we had planned on riding to the park but 1) it was freezing (vegas freezing anyway, in the 50's with cold desert wind) and of course, it was getting dark at like 4 o'clock. once again a little plug for just staying on daylight savings year round.

anywho, home for cake and a little movie time with the kids and hanging out in the hours of darkness until bedtime came.
and at last bedtime came and we were so jolly and i thought we'd had this daylight saving time change thing mastered...
until atticus came strolling in my room at 5:20 this morning
i put him back into bed but he wasn't fooled.
by 6 o-clock as the sun came peeping through so did he.
oh least the cake was real yummy.

farewell daylight savings, you'll be missed
as atticus would say, "see you next morrow!"

fyi - in my pre-mommy, still-working, early-morning-running days
i LOVED the bright mornings...and someday i will again!
i just don't want to sound all debbi downer only.


Crazy Lady said...

so how yummy was the cake. like good dessert or you were going to die and go to heaven? jason and i almost swore at church and spanked the kids in sacrament meeting it was so nuts yesterday. but i heart the time change. prob cause i'm an early bird though

Julia said...

i couldn't agree more.

Melynne said...

you are the best mom ever. just seeing all that flour everywhere proooves it!