Monday, November 21, 2011


38 weeks
(not my finest photo, but it's really the bell we're highlighting here,
not my hair blowing elegantly in the wind)


it's always kind of funny to hear a pregnant woman wonder out loud why she hasn't gone into labor when she's only 38 weeks pregnant, but nevertheless this is always where i find myself at this point in pregnancy since both my boys were early. i tend to have a really contractiony 3rd trimester and usually have to take precautions to keep the babe baking longer. never anything threatening, just general 3rd trimester big belly stuff. so anyway, i have spent the last couple weeks nesting like a madwoman just so sure this babe was going to make her debut any moment. i'm a cleaning fool! my house has to be spotless before going to bed in case we need to make a midnight run to the hospy. i'm do laundry like it's my job (ha, it is my job!) because heaven forbid i venture to the hospital before every bed in the house has clean sheets on it. plus i shave like twice a day to spare my doctor from having to deliver a baby to a woman with spikey legs, as if she hasn't done that every single day of her career!
i'm ridiculous. blame the hormones please.

besides a name we've got everything ready and waiting for this girl. our extra bedroom is on the first floor so eventually we'll move beck into atticus' room and give nameless baby the nursery but for now we've set up a little nursery in our closet. i thought that once we left boston we'd never resort to a closet dwelling baby again but luckily our closet is a long L-shape so we just moved my half of the L over into darek's half of the L and gave babe her share of the closet. darek rolled his eyes at me when i bought 80 baby hangers for her but let me tell you a little something about how every single hanger is being used and i still have bins and baskets of clothes! thanks to many gifts and hand-me-downs this girl will be stylin. i admit that i walk in there several times a day just to gaze.
can't believe another baby is coming.

she is coming tho and if my big belly wasn't reminder enough of that fact, the boys' behavior would be. they can sense a change coming and have been extra clingy and i-need-mommy-y. i remember atticus doing this before beck came too. plus after almost 5 hours of contractions a few nights ago atticus woke with with a raging fever so i'm lucky those contractions petered out. and i'm lucky his doc gave him a Z pack - that stuff is incredible. within a few hours his fever broke and he hasn't looked back. phew!

so anywho, all is well. we're just prepping and waiting. i waddle everywhere i go and have stopped making eye contact with strangers to avoid the "holy smokes!" look in their eye and all the "how overdue are you??" questions. not to mention all the advice about how to get myself into labor. i rode the elevator with three big burly men last week and had to polite laugh through all their,
"oh man! don't go into labor on this elevator!!! we don't know how to deliver babies!" hahaha! so clever.

lastly, i have nightmares of my water breaking while leading the kids in singing during primary
or perhaps while slow-motion-pregnant-woman-ellipticalling at the gym.
can you imagine?

that's it for now
we'll keep you updated


Crazy Lady said...

you look aaaaamazing!!!! oh my goodness. and shoot my last was the longest cooking ever so hope that doesn't happen. maybe she just wants her own month?

erica said...

you crack me up girl. my first came 3 weeks early. my second came 5 days late. the injustice of it.
good luck! I'm still routing for Juni!

Cecilia said...

ti voglio un sacco di bene!!! i love the post so much. i had to show your picture to keleigh, who immediately said, whoa, is she having twins? i told him those are the comments you are avoiding. :) but you look amazing pregnant! love ya tons! have fun with the bellina

Melynne said...

that belly defies gravity! and okay, enough with the cleaning... come over and clean my house! jk. hang in there!!

becky said...

i am 37 weeks and trying to get mine to come out and play too. I have dropped and feel ready. Even the dr told me that baby is right there and ready to come. I told Bryan that it will come on thanksgiving right as we sit down for dinner. Bryan is hoping for Friday so he doesn't have to work black friday. we will see. I will keep you posted on mine too. Has your dr made any predictions yet? Induction set up? good luck.

Trisha said...

Bless your heart! (And your back.) I hope this little one comes soon and that everything goes well. Love you!