Tuesday, November 22, 2011



so these are the temporary digs for the closet dwelling babe whenever she chooses to arrive.
nothing fancy but still feels snuggly and quaint. i've got many a night of nursing and rocking ahead of me in this closet. i had my (almost) 39 week appointment today and sadly i'm no closer to delivery then i was two weeks ago when i was last checked. but then i remembered that i've said all along that i hoped she'd hold out until her due date so she and atticus would at least have a week between their birthdays. apparently she's already following directions, which is more than i can say for my crazy boys these days, so i suppose i'll just count my blessings and trust mother nature. in the meantime i'll survive in the few articles of clothing that still fit and pray for sleep before she comes. (my insomnia is raging these days, the toughest part of my pregnancies.)
plus i think i'm little closer to a name...so is darek...is it the same name?
of course not.


Crazy Lady said...

hang in there. the last bit was real tough for me waiting but so lucky to have her fully cooked ya know.

the closet is darling and that is one heck of a closet.

dang those stubborn mccoy boys, i never could wear mine down ;) good luck. just think she'll be able to rock any name.

becky said...

good luck. Going to my 37 week appt in a few min and hoping they will check me again. Last week at 36 weeks I was told I could go anyday now. So ready. Totally understand the no sleep right now. I can't get comfortable to sleep. She is just holding out till her cousin is ready to come too. I guess our kids are cousins. I don't get how many times removed etc. but we can call them cousins if wanted. my kids have been misbehaving and testing mommy too i think it is because they know change is on its way. good luck and keep me posted.

Jeannie said...

The closet nursery is perfect! Happy Thanksgiving!