Tuesday, November 08, 2011

the christmas catalog

we got a flood of christmas catalogs in the mail yesterday. i threw most away but then noticed target's came with a gift card to decided to hang onto it. i thought briefly about how when i was a kid looking through the toys r us catalog at christmas time was like the highlight of my year. i'd circle everything i wanted and then write santa a very detailed letter. darek used to do this too, we both have fun childhood memories that revolve around salivating over the christmas toy catalogs. i thought about giving the catalog to the kids to look through but then figured they probably wouldn't really think much of it. i was wrong. atticus discovered it first. so many "ooo's" and "ahhh's" it made me laugh. but when i walked around the corner to find this i really had to laugh.

look at the face
totally mesmerized

like an old man sitting on a park bench reading the newspaper
except it's a little guy standing and staring drooling over toys

so i took a picture and moved on with my day
the boys went into the guest room to play which happens daily
they love to jump on the bed and be crazy and i just generally listen for crying or fighting
and peek on them occasionally to make sure no real damage has been done

but what i heard was very unsettling
complete silence

i went to investigate
and this is what i found

more precious cataloging

do my boys ever hold still for more then 30 seconds?

apparently this is the golden ticket

please note the page he was so carefully studying at this moment

also please notice the old school lucky charms watch - it was darek's when he was young

eventually the glories of the toy catalog
turned into a full jumping on the bed celebration

so much happiness
and singing about christmas coming

atticus doing his little bucking bronco routine
i caught him mid-buck

and beck looking so distressed
reaching his foot out to me saying "shoooooe, shooooe"

but what he really meant was,
"dearest mother, would you be so kind to remove my socks for me?
they are hindering my jumping."

then we had to laugh and laugh as the boys watched themselves jump in the mirror

and of course, we ended the festivities
by taping up favorite pages of the now destroyed but still very much loved toy catalog

i just thought it was so funny. i was reminded of ralphie looking into the window of the toy store
in complete awe of the red rider bee bee gun. somehow kids just feel the magic of christmas - especially the toys.
it looks like it's about time to write to santa.

and speaking of toys
my mom is so cute and sends holiday cards with $5 to each grandchild every holiday. she makes the cards on her computer so they always have pictures of each grandkid. my boys were completely smitten with their halloween cards this year. atticus carried his around and talked about his cousins all week after getting it. and of course was so excited about the "dollar!" inside. sometimes i save the cards/money for them in their memory boxes so that when they are older then can go through them and collect their millions but this time i took them to target and let them pick out toys. i'm not even sure how or when atticus fell in love with luigi, but that's who he chose.


and here's beck with the batman he chose and the thank you card me made for my parents.
he says "batman" to mean just about anything these days. obsessed.
thanks gramma dani

hooray for the holidays!!


Rachel said...

Your boys are so, so cute! Love their little faces.

Melynne said...

so great! i am digging our target catalog out of the trash and seeing how much time we get out of it now!!