Wednesday, November 30, 2011

turkey day

we were so happy and grateful to spend thanksgiving with brandon and cori's family!
i'm so grateful they were willing to host since this big belly-o-mine sort of puts me in the non-hosting mood.

thanks for having us guys, it was wonderful!
and extra delicious...mmm!

cori's mom, susan, also spent the holiday with the family
and beck was extra happy that she brought her puppies along


he was also happy to just suck on his lip while awaiting the grub


darek being funny uncle with nieces and nephews
i never really figured out what they were doing
but they seemed to like it


the birthday boy got a special little place marker
and some extra birthday love


a little bit of backyard time while the turkey was a roasting


well actually i should say deep frying
brandon deep fried two turkeys
the yummiest
and so moist
and it only takes 40 minutes to cook!
that's the way to do thanksgiving!
none of this hours of basting nonsense


k snuggling up with b


then k sharing her drink with b


then b losing all interest in snuggling and just wanting more drink


sweet little K and C
all they want for christmas are their two front teeth


the guys got atticus some birthday goods too
so easy to please this little guy
super hero color book
super hero mask
super hero m&m's



we had such a wonderful holiday with wonderful family
we have so much to be grateful for and thank our Father in Heaven
and Savior Jesus Christ for their tender mercies all year long!

Thursday, November 24, 2011



so atticus is finally four for reals
he's thought he was four for a few weeks now
since we celebrated his birthday early


such a happy little soul
and so happy to be a big four year old


i conducted a little interview and here are some of atticus' favorites:

color: blue
song: twinkle twinkle little star
playdate: with grayson
toy: batman
thing to do outside: play in the hose
with dad: wrestle
with mom: snuggle
with beck: share toys, chase, wrestle
book: batman
food: cereal
drink: ice water
show: curious george
thing to do at school: play with magnets
thing to do in primary: singing
art project: painting
place to go in the car: cousin's house
thing he did this year: ate some food
thing about our house: the christmas tree
and he's planning on asking santa for star wars toys


he is also very proud of the part of the tree he decorated
he confiscated all the balls and bells and clustered them in the same spot
i actually love how it turned out and might buy a bunch more balls and bells and
cluster them all over the whole tree


showing off his hard work
(which really was hard work once beck started stripping them all off
and atticus had to fight to get them all back on)


lots of balls and lots of bells


we kicked off thanksgiving/birthday morning by making waffles
since atticus loves loves loves to cook/bake with me and make huge messes


then played in the water outside in the gorgeous weather
atticus prefers spraying it out of his mouth


we also watched a lot of the macy's thanksgiving day parade
i can't believe how long the boys sat still and watched it with me
of course they were smitten by a lot of the balloons and performers
they got especially excited to see all the sipdermans dance around shooting webs
and could hardly contain themselves when sponge bob went floating by

then we did a little more christmas decorating


and now i'm in the throws of cooking
i'm up to my eyeballs in potatoes around here
have a happy thanksgiving

and happiest fourth birthday to my sweet atticus

Tuesday, November 22, 2011



so these are the temporary digs for the closet dwelling babe whenever she chooses to arrive.
nothing fancy but still feels snuggly and quaint. i've got many a night of nursing and rocking ahead of me in this closet. i had my (almost) 39 week appointment today and sadly i'm no closer to delivery then i was two weeks ago when i was last checked. but then i remembered that i've said all along that i hoped she'd hold out until her due date so she and atticus would at least have a week between their birthdays. apparently she's already following directions, which is more than i can say for my crazy boys these days, so i suppose i'll just count my blessings and trust mother nature. in the meantime i'll survive in the few articles of clothing that still fit and pray for sleep before she comes. (my insomnia is raging these days, the toughest part of my pregnancies.)
plus i think i'm little closer to a is it the same name?
of course not.

Monday, November 21, 2011


38 weeks
(not my finest photo, but it's really the bell we're highlighting here,
not my hair blowing elegantly in the wind)


it's always kind of funny to hear a pregnant woman wonder out loud why she hasn't gone into labor when she's only 38 weeks pregnant, but nevertheless this is always where i find myself at this point in pregnancy since both my boys were early. i tend to have a really contractiony 3rd trimester and usually have to take precautions to keep the babe baking longer. never anything threatening, just general 3rd trimester big belly stuff. so anyway, i have spent the last couple weeks nesting like a madwoman just so sure this babe was going to make her debut any moment. i'm a cleaning fool! my house has to be spotless before going to bed in case we need to make a midnight run to the hospy. i'm do laundry like it's my job (ha, it is my job!) because heaven forbid i venture to the hospital before every bed in the house has clean sheets on it. plus i shave like twice a day to spare my doctor from having to deliver a baby to a woman with spikey legs, as if she hasn't done that every single day of her career!
i'm ridiculous. blame the hormones please.

besides a name we've got everything ready and waiting for this girl. our extra bedroom is on the first floor so eventually we'll move beck into atticus' room and give nameless baby the nursery but for now we've set up a little nursery in our closet. i thought that once we left boston we'd never resort to a closet dwelling baby again but luckily our closet is a long L-shape so we just moved my half of the L over into darek's half of the L and gave babe her share of the closet. darek rolled his eyes at me when i bought 80 baby hangers for her but let me tell you a little something about how every single hanger is being used and i still have bins and baskets of clothes! thanks to many gifts and hand-me-downs this girl will be stylin. i admit that i walk in there several times a day just to gaze.
can't believe another baby is coming.

she is coming tho and if my big belly wasn't reminder enough of that fact, the boys' behavior would be. they can sense a change coming and have been extra clingy and i-need-mommy-y. i remember atticus doing this before beck came too. plus after almost 5 hours of contractions a few nights ago atticus woke with with a raging fever so i'm lucky those contractions petered out. and i'm lucky his doc gave him a Z pack - that stuff is incredible. within a few hours his fever broke and he hasn't looked back. phew!

so anywho, all is well. we're just prepping and waiting. i waddle everywhere i go and have stopped making eye contact with strangers to avoid the "holy smokes!" look in their eye and all the "how overdue are you??" questions. not to mention all the advice about how to get myself into labor. i rode the elevator with three big burly men last week and had to polite laugh through all their,
"oh man! don't go into labor on this elevator!!! we don't know how to deliver babies!" hahaha! so clever.

lastly, i have nightmares of my water breaking while leading the kids in singing during primary
or perhaps while slow-motion-pregnant-woman-ellipticalling at the gym.
can you imagine?

that's it for now
we'll keep you updated

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

batman's fourth birthday party

atticus' birthday falls right on thanksgiving day this year, so we decided to celebrate early...especially since he'll probably end up sharing his birthday week with his little sister. it was a little bit short notice and thrown together but turned out so well!
thank you to everyone who came to celebrate with us! it was a perfect day!

atticus was most excited about the spiderman bounce house. we rented it for a three hour block but they ended up delivering it the night before and not coming back until the next night so we got a full 24 hours which was probably atticus' favorite part. he loved that "spiderman slept in his backyard overnight." sharla and dal stayed with us over the weekend and brandon and cori's family came out friday night for dinner and partying since they had stuff going on saturday. it was perfect to have the bounce house friday night for all the cousins to play in.

batman birthday boy flying in his bounce house


beck loved it too
although bouncing was not complete for him without carrying around a ball

beck calls all superheros batman at this point
so he was pretty excited each time he looked outside and saw "batman" back there

our original plan was to set up the bounce house in our living room (because it is currently furniture-less) but then realized that the pump/fan for the puppy is LOUD so he camped out in the backyard instead. it was the perfect day for it tho, so pretty and sunshiney!



beck loving "batman"


wish-making and candle-blowing


and more cupcake-eating

sharla and dal had a little re-enactment of their cake-smashing wedding moment

then we busted out la pinata
i'm always a little skeptical of these doodads since i remember a girl getting nailed in the head
at a party i was at when i was little. it sort of traumatized me on the whole pinata thing - so i kind
of cringed through this whole process hoping none of the littlies got hit. the pinata was a major hit tho.
every kid got a turn. we finally had to help shake out the candy at the end, which temporarily made atticus so sad,
but then he collected all his loot and felt much happier.



the loot

collecting so carefully

then the present-opening

all the kids swarmed atticus while opening gifts
it was total mayhem and he loved every second of it

needless to say...lots of superheros

it was such a fun, fun day! we were so happy so many friends could make it.
every prayer atticus has said since last week has included great amounts of gratitude for the spiderman bounce house
and his birthday party and his cupcakes and all his superheros
it makes me laugh every time

happy birthday my sweet son
i love you like i've never loved anything in this world

Wednesday, November 09, 2011


these little boys had zero interest in interrupting their playdate for something as silly as eating.
until they came up with the brilliant idea of pulling the ottoman up to the counter.
suddenly lunchtime was all the rage.




thanks for playing big G and little A

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

the christmas catalog

we got a flood of christmas catalogs in the mail yesterday. i threw most away but then noticed target's came with a gift card to decided to hang onto it. i thought briefly about how when i was a kid looking through the toys r us catalog at christmas time was like the highlight of my year. i'd circle everything i wanted and then write santa a very detailed letter. darek used to do this too, we both have fun childhood memories that revolve around salivating over the christmas toy catalogs. i thought about giving the catalog to the kids to look through but then figured they probably wouldn't really think much of it. i was wrong. atticus discovered it first. so many "ooo's" and "ahhh's" it made me laugh. but when i walked around the corner to find this i really had to laugh.

look at the face
totally mesmerized

like an old man sitting on a park bench reading the newspaper
except it's a little guy standing and staring drooling over toys

so i took a picture and moved on with my day
the boys went into the guest room to play which happens daily
they love to jump on the bed and be crazy and i just generally listen for crying or fighting
and peek on them occasionally to make sure no real damage has been done

but what i heard was very unsettling
complete silence

i went to investigate
and this is what i found

more precious cataloging

do my boys ever hold still for more then 30 seconds?

apparently this is the golden ticket

please note the page he was so carefully studying at this moment

also please notice the old school lucky charms watch - it was darek's when he was young

eventually the glories of the toy catalog
turned into a full jumping on the bed celebration

so much happiness
and singing about christmas coming

atticus doing his little bucking bronco routine
i caught him mid-buck

and beck looking so distressed
reaching his foot out to me saying "shoooooe, shooooe"

but what he really meant was,
"dearest mother, would you be so kind to remove my socks for me?
they are hindering my jumping."

then we had to laugh and laugh as the boys watched themselves jump in the mirror

and of course, we ended the festivities
by taping up favorite pages of the now destroyed but still very much loved toy catalog

i just thought it was so funny. i was reminded of ralphie looking into the window of the toy store
in complete awe of the red rider bee bee gun. somehow kids just feel the magic of christmas - especially the toys.
it looks like it's about time to write to santa.

and speaking of toys
my mom is so cute and sends holiday cards with $5 to each grandchild every holiday. she makes the cards on her computer so they always have pictures of each grandkid. my boys were completely smitten with their halloween cards this year. atticus carried his around and talked about his cousins all week after getting it. and of course was so excited about the "dollar!" inside. sometimes i save the cards/money for them in their memory boxes so that when they are older then can go through them and collect their millions but this time i took them to target and let them pick out toys. i'm not even sure how or when atticus fell in love with luigi, but that's who he chose.


and here's beck with the batman he chose and the thank you card me made for my parents.
he says "batman" to mean just about anything these days. obsessed.
thanks gramma dani

hooray for the holidays!!