Friday, October 14, 2011

this big boy


so darek is headed to utah this weekend for a quick boys trip with his old BYU roommates. garlan and amanda suggested that he bring up one or both of the boys to stay with them this weekend to give me a little break. a break??? for real??? you bet!!! once upon a time, not too long ago, i would have graciously thanked them and turned them down, worried that it would stress them out to have my kids for the weekend. but i have learned people! 1) when someone offers to help you out, say yes! and 2) when someone offers to take your kids its because they genuinely like being with your kids so again, so yes! parenting is great but tough. on the other hand, aunt and uncling is mostly just great. so off atticus went, with his daddy, on their way to utah. and guess what...i cried. just for a moment. and after they drove away, so atticus wouldn't see. i held back the tears while i kissed him and hugged him goodbye and got all excited with him that he gets to go on a daddy-atti trip. but then i waved goodbye and wiped my teary cheeks. i really do need the break though. specifically the sleep that beck will allow me to get that atticus doesn't. but here's the truth --> breaking little heart. i didn't have the courage to send both kids. that will be next time someone offers. but this time, just one. baby steps. and now i kind of don't know what to do with myself. like really don't know what to do. only one kid to take care of for three days? and an easy peasy kid at that! i guess beck and i will just be partying it up all weekend!

so thank you to the handsome hub for chauffeuring the bug to utah
and thank you to garmanda for hosting the little man all weekend
may the force be with you

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Crazy Lady said...

very true advice and i wished i would have learned that earlier. still have to work on it. enjoy your little peace. just having one less kid makes a big difference. hang in there.

p.s. its killing me to not mail you a package, i'm addicted.