Wednesday, October 19, 2011

the little boy mud hole

this is what happens when:
1) your kiddie pool finally buckles under all the little boy play
and 2) it's still real hot around these parts and little boys want to get wet

and remember how i read this really GREAT book
and how it talks all about boys needing lots of nature play
and how vegas has zero nature?

introducing the mud hole
splash, splash, dig, dig, mess, mess

fyi - atticus is a self-imposed nakey player. i can't keep clothes on the boy
no matter how hard i try. at least he's in his undies here. last week when i went out
to take mud hole pics i had to strategically angle all photos to keep the goods covered

also fyi - this is beck's "cheeeeese" face
anytime he sees a camera pointed in his direction
he busts out this smile accompanied with a long drawn out "cheeeeese!"
i've got a whole collection of these beauties worthy of their own post

and last fyi - mud hole clean up = either a strip and good spray down in the hose,
or, like today, a strip and good spray down in the kitchen sink
both methods are equally delightful to the boys

and very lastly
atticus made us a very yummy batch of watery mud for lunch

off to do some muddy laundry

ps - atticus did super stellar in utah last weekend. i daresay he may have had the weekend of his life. as always it's so great for a mom to hear that her boy is on his best behavior - eating, sleeping and playing so happy! good job, big boy! plus beck is a total cinch (and though i'm sad to say it) especially without atticus around. they play so well together and totally love each other but let's be honest, most of beck's tears are caused by big brother. not that atticus isn't a great big brother. he is a really great big brother. but even great big brothers steal toys and blankies and sit on little brothers' heads every once in a while. nevertheless, they missed each other. beck often walked aimlessly around the house asking, "att? att? where att go? where dad go? att dad car." plus when amanda told atticus to come visit again soon he said, "yeah, i'll bring beckett next time." this all very much warmed my little heart.

atticus also did great on the long drive with darek. when he picked out a pumpkin at a real live pumpkin patch (none of this fake LV parking lot pumpkin patch business) he wanted to show it to darek. amanda reminded him that darek was with his friends and atticus said, "oh yeah, i'm a long drive away from home." and he was so sweet talking to me on the phone, sounded like such a big boy. it was a really fun weekend concluded with the best reunion ever.
thank you again to garmanda! it was perfect for everyone!

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