Wednesday, October 05, 2011

A is for Atticus


how great is this book? what a find, right?
darek and i have resorted to baby name books for the little miss
and amongst our searching we came across this book. it talks about famous
literary names, right up our alley! so of course we had to buy this gem for the little bug
and it so tenderly reminded me of THIS picture taken with his original literary inspiration.
little bug, so famous!

carefully tracing the A with his favorite purple fish

loving his new book

i've been keeping a list of funny things atticus says before they fly out of my head forever
like most of the thoughts that i think. this little shout out to atticus post seems like the perfect
time to share some of his funnies

"crash can" = trash can
"next morrow" = tomorrow
"yesterday" = anything that happened
more than ten minutes ago

"pack pack" = back pack
"gubble gum" = bubble gum
"ah welcome" = you're welcome
"i-ah-know" = i don't know
"mayme" = maybe

he brought me my pajamas this week and said,
"mom, here are your pants for sleeping."

and everything is "no, i do it myself."

bedtime routine has become a really creative back-and-forth bartering process.
before agreeing to go upstairs for bed he has to set some satisfactory ground rules for all that bedtime routine entails, usually something along these lines:
"ok, three books, one story, two prayers and five songs."

we drove to sunset park this week to feed the ducks only to discover that the lake portion
is being renovated with nary a duck to be fed. atticus was so sad. he tragically lamented,
"oh mom, those poor ducks will be so hungry!" i reassured him that certainly the construction
workers were making sure the ducks were being properly fed. he then responded,
"we better call the police and the firemen to make sure those ducks get fed."

he's spent most of the week crawling around either meowing or barking and insisting that his name is
"atticus-white-circle-brown-puppy" (or "kitty" if he happens to be meowing)
he only answers to that full name and corrects me if i forget any part of it.
if i accidentally meow/bark back he reminds me that i'm not a dog/cat.
he is! a white one with a brown circle. and that's that.

when he really wants me to see/hear something he instructs me
"don't talk, don't talk."

when i asked him if he needed help at the potty a couple days ago he said,
"don't talk or pee don't come!"

he wanted to show me how good he is at hop scotch yesterday
so he instructed me to watch by saying,
"watch! don't talk. and don't move your head."

a couple days ago he climbed into bed with me to show my the tiny hairs on his legs.
he said, "mom see those teeny tiny dots? those are teeny tiny hairs. and if i eat lots of food
and grow up big and strong then i'll grow great big huge hairs like dad's."

so remember THESE toes from last october?
i think atticus has asked at least once a week since then to have his toes painted.
occasionally i oblige. this week, we did black again in honor of the month of all hallow's eve.
he woke up the next morning quite distraught that his toenail polish had chipped
and insisted that it be fixed before we could dream of beginning our day.

and lastly...
a couple weeks ago i took advantage of the boys so cheerfully playing upstairs together to get some things done. i basically listened for crashes or tears and if i heard only laughs and playing i assumed everything was fine. once or twice i took notice that it had become awfully quiet upstairs...but again, lack of crying = safe assumption all was well. later the boys came down for dinner and la dee da, no big deal. until i went upstairs for bath time. what did i discover? an attempted flush of an entire roll of toilet paper. which of course resulted in an entirely flooded bathroom. we're talking a full inch of water (luckily, clean...or as clean as toilet water can be, i guess) soaking the floor and bathmat...and a very guilty looking little atticus.

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