Thursday, October 06, 2011

{drum rolling}
may i present to you...

our newly painted kitchen!!!


cuz remember how it looked?


and how it now looks so much better?

it was a lot of work...
and still has things to be done
but for now - HOORAY!!

and i've got big plans for a shelf with some serious planty-ness in that window
and milk glass vases. and pots of herbs. oh i can't wait. can you wait? because i can't wait.

i took all nakey kitchen pictures for the after shots to be able to really see the paint/molding/hardware difference
but obviously it still needs to be decorated and all fancied up, which is the part i've really been looking forward to
altho i'm sort of digging the current simplicity

especially since the orangey cabinets are simply gone!



these before shots were taken on move in day
which is why this little peeking atticus looks so mini


the fancied up desk area
where my sewing machine shall dwell and create masterpieces
(as long as it's someone else, and not me, sewing. since i only do pieces, no masterpieces)

the far wall

now so stripey and fun

and sometimes i lay in bed at night dreaming that this little table
was actually THIS little table, or some other fancy pants nonesense
and that window is going to have some magically darling something like a roman shade
and maybe some plants hanging around it, because i am clearly on a plant kick


we did a little searchy search for hardware that we loved
and beloved hardware we did find

it really helped finish the kitchen and complete the look
we thought we wanted silver but went with bronze so we wouldn't also have to replace
the hinges on each cabinet. so happy we went with bronze, love it. it looks sort of drastic in the blog photos
but really looks nice in non-blog world.


but it was not all fun and games people!
it was weeks of work, the first week clearly being the craziest with an unusable kitchen
and insanity-inducing late nights of taping and painting and painting and painting

we bought a sprayer to do the cabinets (totally worth it, only like 100 buckaroos at the home depot) but that meant everything had to be taped and covered. that spray mist gets everywhere and even with our careful prep some things got a nice misty covering of bright white paint, including parts of the sad little floor that probably won't get replaced y luscious hardwood for a year or so. obviously we sprayed before painting the walls grey, that way it didn't matter if the walls got misted up. but we hung sheets and plastic and towels and tarps and table clothes and whatever else we find to protect the tv room, windows, floors, appliances, counter tops (which shall remain tiley and granite-less until an undisclosed juncture of time.) serious crime-scene style. especially with darek's maniac expression!

and then after three coats of white spray
the kitchen was transformed into a winter wonderland
(and i am not kidding when i bashfully admit that it did, in actuality, make me excited for the approaching holiday season. nerd.)


and then we lived like this for a week or so, which was super awesome

while the cabinet doors awaited a good spraying in the plastic room we built in the garage


hanging the doors and installing the hardware were the final touch

oh yeah and repainting the baseboards
and adding/painting the molding above the cabinets
and touching up the cabinet door edges that didn't get fully sprayed
and also the spots of orangey wood that showed through the paint
and doing all the edge painting around the ceiling and counter tiles
and measuring, taping and striping the far wall until 1 AM last night
and all those other teeny tiny details that just keep coming up
every time you think you're done

but at least for now...


cabinets: 3 coats paint/primer combo pure white hi-gloss behr paint from HD
walls: 1-2 coats pewter mug semi-gloss behr paint from HD (LOVE it this dark)
stripes: 2 coats 100 acre raindrops semi-gloss disney paint from HD
hardware: allen + roth, aged bronze from lowe's

plus something ridiculous like 8 rolls of tape
and 6 huge sheets of plastic
and infinity hours of work
and years off our lives

but a fresh pretty kitchen to show for it

any decor suggestions?
or clever ideas on how to get my new kitchen to cook for me?
and maybe clean itself?

and PS, because people have asked - we went with paint instead of stain so we could skip the sanding nightmare which was, in my opinion, very worth it. although when taking off the tape some of the paint would peel off which i'm sure wouldn't have happened if we had sanded. we also used paint that had primer already in it, again to skip that step and it turned out to work just fine. but ask the paint dudes at the HD before following in our footsteps in case they have better suggestions for you.

and PPS - just a little love and credit to the handsome hub for doing all spraying because the sprayer kind of (really) scared me, and all the hardware hanging because i'm too careless to do it like his perfectionist self. thanks handsome hub!


Crazy Lady said...


even better than the picture for inspiration. so great and have been dying to see it.

way to go.

think the plants idea is great.

p.s. i need to call you. how much girl clothes do you want ;)

Rachel said...

I am seriously impressed with your prep work! Nice job! Looks so much better than the 90's oak cabinets! As someone who has been there and done that, I know exactly how much work that was, and it looks like it was so worth it! Love your stripes too! Looks exactly like you were describing. :)

By the way, I think I've seen a few tables that are that same shape out should try your hand at some serious distressing and make your own restoration hardware table. :)

Jeannie said...

I never disliked my orangey cabinets, but now that you mention it.....I have high hopes for our kitchen too and they mostly involve granite. Did you have to sand and or prime the cabinets before you painted?

Allison said...

Oh, Amberli! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! It looks like a million dang dollars. All the blood, sweat and tears were worth it. So phenomenal REALLY! Wish I could see it in person. I die over the gray/blue color on the wall.

Gramma Dani said...

Wow!!! I am officially impressed! I especially love the horizontal striped walls and the drawer and cabinet handles - especially with the bronze finish. I can't wait to see it after you accessorize it (very colorfully, I hope) - It's awesome!!!

jakenapril said...

amberli, your kitchen is amazing! it is quite a feat to paint the cabinets and i am loving it...and the hardware. all those weeks with a 'construction zone' kitchen are, i'm sure, worth it now. awesome, awesome, awesome.

Rachael said...

Ummm AMAZING!!!! I loooove it! I love the colors, the hardware, the stripes, everything! Good JOB! Just lovely!

Leah said...

FREAK OUT woman. You guys are awesome! It looks amazing!!

Rachel said...

I am DROOLING all over myself and my desk look at this kitchen. Amazing. I mean, I always thought you guys were cool but this...THIS moves up to a whole new level. Really incredible. And while pregnant. You never cease to amaze me. Have I gushed enough?! Nice work! Love it.

Rachel said...

PS: You have a lot of friends named Rachel.

KamilahNYC said...

HOoray! It's gorg. Love that your island is bigger than my entire kitchen. XO

Trisha said...

It looks fabulous!!! You did a great job.

Bonnie said...

wow! big improvement. Sounds like a ton of work!

Amanda & Garlan McCoy said...

AMAZING - but I really didn't expect anything less! Can't wait to come and help you cook in it :)

Melynne said...

WOW. love that you documented every step, i am exhausted just looking! what a fab result!!! i almost feel like i could follow the step by step tutorial... maybe in another life. you guys have talent!!

Lindsey @ Better After said...

Ahhh, this is beautiful! It makes me want to attack my kitchen with a paint gun! So cool. Great job!

Miggy said...

For "just" painting...that looks incredible. Seriously, it looks like a much more involved kitchen redo--so great job! And I have to say I really dig the minimal, but big-impact wall of stripes at the end. I think that gives it the interest and design-y edge without being over the top or too trendy. Nail. on. the. head.

Now relax and enjoy.