Monday, October 31, 2011


i gotta get these pictures up before we do the real trick-or-treating tonight
or else my blog's going to be all amuck and i just don't think i can handle that...
so, here we go

our ward trunk-or-treat was last week and i decided in my pregnant tired state
to take the easy way out - matching spiderman costumes for the boys
easy peasy and they loved themselves some super hero-ness

atticus mixed up his spidy-man with a little makeup to match his daddy

who looked like this
and was kind of creepy
so creepy in fact that although beckett would allow darek to hold him during the night
he refused to look him in that face. how hilarious is that? just kept his head down. in fact beck sort of went into "who are all of these crazy people?" mode as soon as we got to church. nary a smile to be had for anyone. only staring. he was just not sure how he felt about the whole ordeal. except for the candy. and the cornbread. those were major hits with the marshmallow.


in fact, this may have been the only smile of the night
in response to receiving candy of course. even so, he was leary about going car to car
never quit sure what he'd encounter. he slow motion walked up to each car,
until he decided that the candy was worth it and filled up his bucket.


atticus was very diligent in making sure his bucket was full by the end of the night too


the youth hosted carnival games for the little kids
here atticus had to swing his head around until he knocked down bottles of water to win a prize

it was pretty funny

beck just looked on while chowing his treats

atticus and beck with two of their best buddies
"little" atticus (to differentiate from my atticus. can you believe it? in a world where i thought perhaps atticus may never encounter another human soul with his he is. one of his best little buddies and in our same ward!) and his big brother grayson who is so cute and happy in this picture! these boys play together a few times a week and pretty much love each other which is the best! and please note beck's face here - undoubtedly stunned by some scary halloween something. and "big" atticus' face - just admiring the tinkerbell cards he got in his treat bucket. such satisfaction.


so remember how was had a little pumpkin carving party a few weeks ago
and how it's still real hot in here the LV
and so now our pumpkins are the nastiest, rottingest things on the block?
and how darek wanted to throw them out last night
but i reminded him it was only 12 hours until all hallow's eve
and how i made beck pose next to them even though he thought they were the grossest??

yeah that's what these pictures are:
ps - i also want to note here that while atticus chowed his trunk-or-treat candy all night beck chose an apple.
how are these spidermen related to each other, i ask you?


and finally
the pumpkin belly

since three out of the last five halloweens i've had me a big belly
might as well make it a tradition

and remember HERE how beck used to be the basketball in my belly?
i thought i still had a couple weeks until i reached full basketball size
but looking at this pictures makes me think i'm already there. eek!


these are not my cutest pictures but alas,
the freak-of-nature belly must be documented
(34+ weeks, but i lie and tell strangers 38. ha!)

ps - those are snakes and bugs in my hair. just to halloween it up a little, ya know?
what can i say? i learned from my mother, the master...she used to have dead things crawling out of all kinds of body parts back in the day when she'd dress up. i tell you, the woman is a costume genius. far more impressive than my silly snakes and bugs which are mere child's play in comparison. maybe some day i'll post an old pic of her dead punk rocker costume circa 1985. it's a true beaut!
whattayathink, mom?

have a happy and safe halloween tonight!

Monday, October 24, 2011

roasting at the pumpkin patch
did you have to wear sunblock on your pumpkin patch outing?
because we did. that's how we roll in the LV


clearly neither of my children were interested in taking this picture
and i might as well take this chance to warn you that this is a million-picture-post
feel free to scroll quickly if you have a life to get back to...

intense study of the funny colored corn


all the boys
again, i wish i could have gotten a smile from atticus here
but he's far too mature for mom's camera these days


as beck is sporting the scare-crow-style mullet these days
we had him pose with this little fellow



horsey and cow

close up of the cow cutie

big boys on the big boy rides together


this was actually a more exciting event then it appears to be in the photo


the petting zoo was a real hit tho
especially this fuzzy little guy


beck spent a significant amount of time following the chickens around


and waving at them


and eventually petting them


beck was pretty cute petting the animals
each time he pet an animal it was a feat of courage with just a quick touch
then kind of a heebie geebie shiver, giggle and quick wipe of the hands


atticus, of course, loved petting the animals
and trying to feed hay to the bunnies


and making googly eyes at the goats




this was probably a moment of quick little hand rubbing after petting the goat


atticus spent most of the time in the bouncy obstacle course
and on the bouncy super slide

bounce. bounce. bounce.

and so forth

as always, he was really funny at the top of the slide
bouncing forever before sliding down

then we perched on pumpkins for a final few photos
and got our sweaty selves out of there



but not before making sure our new little pumpkin was also featured
i tried to find THIS shirt to wear to the pumpkin patch so i could be oh so funny
but alas it was no where to be found

no worries...i made a new one for trunk-or-treating...

happy pumpkining

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

the little boy mud hole

this is what happens when:
1) your kiddie pool finally buckles under all the little boy play
and 2) it's still real hot around these parts and little boys want to get wet

and remember how i read this really GREAT book
and how it talks all about boys needing lots of nature play
and how vegas has zero nature?

introducing the mud hole
splash, splash, dig, dig, mess, mess

fyi - atticus is a self-imposed nakey player. i can't keep clothes on the boy
no matter how hard i try. at least he's in his undies here. last week when i went out
to take mud hole pics i had to strategically angle all photos to keep the goods covered

also fyi - this is beck's "cheeeeese" face
anytime he sees a camera pointed in his direction
he busts out this smile accompanied with a long drawn out "cheeeeese!"
i've got a whole collection of these beauties worthy of their own post

and last fyi - mud hole clean up = either a strip and good spray down in the hose,
or, like today, a strip and good spray down in the kitchen sink
both methods are equally delightful to the boys

and very lastly
atticus made us a very yummy batch of watery mud for lunch

off to do some muddy laundry

ps - atticus did super stellar in utah last weekend. i daresay he may have had the weekend of his life. as always it's so great for a mom to hear that her boy is on his best behavior - eating, sleeping and playing so happy! good job, big boy! plus beck is a total cinch (and though i'm sad to say it) especially without atticus around. they play so well together and totally love each other but let's be honest, most of beck's tears are caused by big brother. not that atticus isn't a great big brother. he is a really great big brother. but even great big brothers steal toys and blankies and sit on little brothers' heads every once in a while. nevertheless, they missed each other. beck often walked aimlessly around the house asking, "att? att? where att go? where dad go? att dad car." plus when amanda told atticus to come visit again soon he said, "yeah, i'll bring beckett next time." this all very much warmed my little heart.

atticus also did great on the long drive with darek. when he picked out a pumpkin at a real live pumpkin patch (none of this fake LV parking lot pumpkin patch business) he wanted to show it to darek. amanda reminded him that darek was with his friends and atticus said, "oh yeah, i'm a long drive away from home." and he was so sweet talking to me on the phone, sounded like such a big boy. it was a really fun weekend concluded with the best reunion ever.
thank you again to garmanda! it was perfect for everyone!

Monday, October 17, 2011

a little pumpkin carving party


we had brandon and cori's family over a week ago to have a little pumpkin carving party with dinner and treats. darek and atticus decorated the entry way while beckett and i made incredible pumpkin bars. i look forward to making these puppies every year. yum! i even walked the batter down the street to bake in a friend's oven because our oven is not working these days. we just couldn't have a pumpkin party without pumpkin bars. here's the recipe because your holiday season just won't be the holiday season without them. plus they are easy and it makes a million, in case you decide to share.

pumpkin squares
4 eggs
1 2/3 c. sugar
1 c. oil
16 oz canned pumpkin
2 c. flour
2 t. cinnamon
1 t. ginger
1 t. clover
1 t. salt
1 t. baking soda
1 t. baking powder

3 oz. cream cheese
1/2 c. butter
1 t. vanilla
2 c. powdered sugar

beat eggs, sugar, oil and pumpkin until fluffy. mix dry ingredients together and add to pumpkin mixture. pour into ungreased pan (15x10).
bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes. beat frosting ingredients together, spread on cooled bars and top with candy pumpkins.

 eat them 'til they're gone


atticus was very excited to show me their halloween decor.
this is him doing his little "ooooo-ooooo!" ghost impression.


at some point beckett ended up on the counter top and i found him packing candy corn
and pumpkins into his cheeks like a chipmunk as quick as he could before being discovered.

uncle brandon helped atticus dig out his pumpkin guts
which atticus thought was really gross

carving, carving, carving

and crazy darek faces

brinks scooping pumpkin guts

and the sweet twins sharing their pumpkin

after our pumpkin masterpieces were created we settled in for a little halloween bingo game
i printed out the halloween bingo cards for free HERE i you're in a bingo mood


this might be my favorite picture of the night
beck so sneaky, reaching for some candy corn


happy pumpkin carving!