Friday, September 02, 2011

this picture sums up our entire week...

potty training
five days straight
nary an outing to be had
only pee pee and poo poo
and lots of pointers from little brother


and hanging out on the toilet watching movies on the blackberry until the magic happens
and guess what?? the magic happened! all week long! hardly an accident beyond a little dribble here and there. is this too much information? because there's plenty more where that came from! the truth is is that atticus is over three and half...and has been needing to be potty trained for a while. and actually has been busting out #1 on the potty whenever his little heart desired for about a year. the problem was that his little heart rarely desired. and #2 was a different story entirely. according to the little bug it was "scary" and too "hark." (fyi - hark = hard) he just wasn't interested and to be honest i wasn't really all that interested in forcing the issue. so i didn't. and now, here we are with what appears to be a fully potty trained young lad on our hands. he was ready and it was easy and that's the way (uh huh, uh huh) i like it.

can i get another amen?

so this little beauty has been camping out in my closet calling out to atticus for months. it was the promised prize of his first successful potty poo poo. we've been talking about it forever. each poopy diaper lead to a big long story from mom about how happy he'd be if he just dumped that sucker into the potty instead of into his diaper. bedtime stories revolved about how fun it is to poo poo on the potty and send that puppy down to the poopy party under the house. we talked. we joked. we encouraged. and finally monday morning i declared a diaper ban. it was drink-lots-of-juice-and-run-to-the-potty-all-day day. so that's what we did. and sometime half way through the day atticus started asking for a diaper...i knew what that meant. it was now or never. do or die. don't give in mom! so instead i acted like the best thing in the whole wide world was about to happen and got all excited and maybe busted out my dusty cheerleading pompoms and stuck that dude on the potty. there may have been a moment of hesitation but that's all it was. finally, all the prep work paid off. we jumped for joy and celebrated as if we'd won the lottery and atticus declared, "it looks like a snake!" and we sent that sucker to the poopy party and never looked back! no accidents, only poo poo party joy!!!

the long awaited prize!

so we've got a whole pee pee chart and a whole poo poo chart and a whole system of stickers and prizes and coveted marshmallows but after a few days he didn't even need the motivators anymore. or the reminders. he just headed to the bathroom whenever nature made it's call heard. it was incredible. and the icing on top of the cake? we had cousins sleep over last night and right in the middle of all the cousin hubbub and joy, atticus simply skips off to the potty for a poopy party then rejoins the fun like nothing had happened.
that's when i knew, this is for good!

i also registered him for preschool on monday, starting in october, so i knew we were down to the wire. i'm so glad it went so well. the toughest part was just being home all week and the kids getting so bored and mom running out of entertainment juice. but alas, here we are. it's over and done with and hopefully will continue to go smoothly. this next week will bring the challenges of going to church, to the gym and other outings so we'll see how that goes. but for now i'm just going to give the little guy a high five and shout hooray!!

so i've just downloaded all the pictures from the week and had to delete half since naked little man's goods got captured a few times...sorry about that little guy. that's what happens when you spend most of the week nakey. however this picture, despite the slight bun-ness, had to stay because it is funny. i spilled coco roos (i know, such a loss...) and instead of sweeping them up right away i took pictures while the boys ate half of them off the ground and crunched the other half stepping on them. this picture is extra classic because beck had a tiny pirate-like ponytail that his babysitter gave him, and some of atticus' uns on over his diaper because he wanted in on the action. in fact, he even sat on the potty and tinkled a bit then stood up, pointed and asked, "my pee pee?" so it appears i could very soon have two potty trained boys on my hands. i figure one trained late and one trained early averages out to both trained right on time.
good job boys!


okay and since i'm not holding back on the pee-pee-ness in this post...i must share. skip if you must...
one morning beck woke up especially wet. i took all his bedding and jammies and smuggled his blankie and kitty and atticus' blankie (this has to be done very much on the sly as they FREAK when they think they'll have to go an hour without their prized possessions so i can launder them) and snuck it all into the washer before beck noticed. speed cycle on. success. until 30 minutes later when i went to switch the wash to the dryer, which again, had to be done so very much on the sly so beck wouldn't notice wet kitty and wet blankie and for sure not get to hang out with them until after dryer time and be so sad, etc. etc. so anyway, quick switch...until i notice that everything stilled smelled like a lot...because that's what happens when you wash the sick, nasty urine-filled diaper with the laundry!! in my haste i had included it in the load. NAST! needless to say those puppies were speedied back into the washer where they enjoyed a full sanitation cycle, sans pee pee diaper this time. sadly at this point beck caught a glimpse and the heist was up. i was discovered. kitty was spotted and mourned and mourned some more until finally he emerged from the washer/dryer urine free.
it was indeed a pee pee week. so glad it's over...


Allison said...

Your description of the week was hilarious. High five to Atticus...and you and Darek.

I read your post about your CA getaway while we were in Newport and was kinda sorry we just missed each other. Although, sounds like a trip I would not want to have interrupted. We had Eli with and spent all 3 days cleaning sand from his hands, mouth, nose, etc.

Jeannie said...

Congratulations to you both! Isn't it great when it finally happens!

Miggy said...

That's great news, especially with #3 on the way. I hope you don't mind if I share our experience with potty training, not to deflate your bubble or anything, but just to help keep expectations in check. Princess Sparkle is 4 1/2. Has been potty trained for 2 years....she still has accidents occasionally. And she regressed big time with Lamp came along. Not that you don't already know this is all possible, but so you won't beat yourself (or Atticus for that matter) up if he reverts to his old ways for a time. She was definitely still potty trained, but it was usually out of sheer laziness. The stinker. I hope that wasn't super lame of me to say, but I know I liked knowing she wasn't the only one when we were going through that (wait for it) crap.

Obviously this is still a huge success--huzzah to Atticus.

ps--we're friends with a little girl named Scout here and I thought "we need to get her and Atticus together."

becky said...

congrats. we are still working on Sydnee but she has decided today that she wants to wear underwear and kept asking for had to work tonight and I knew daddy would not appreciate cleaning her up all day long. So we will continue to work on it while Addylade is in school and will pullups for probably another week and then I told her we could try but we need some work on going all the time in the potty. Hoping it will click here soon so she has a few months before baby comes.

becky said...

also made Syd take out the diaper pail garbage today and the whole time she is telling me it stinks and is gross. I told her how do you think mommy feels when I change you? Hoping that if I make her take out her diapers it will click too.

Kate said...

Way to go Atticus! So great and such a liberating feeling, right?

Potty training while out of the house seems pretty scary, but for us it was much less scary than I expected. At first he'd ask to pee whenever he saw a bathroom. (Or he'd casually ask "Mom, am I wearing a diaper or underwear?" and I know it was time to run to the nearest bathroom.) But eventually the novelty wore off and he figured it out and we didn't have to go into every single bathroom we passed and I no longer have to carry multiple changes of clothes with me everywhere I go. You can do it!

Oh, and I'm with Miggy- don't get discouraged if it feels like he's regressing. Keep up the encouragement and go back to the rewards/charts/pompoms etc. if you need to to get back on track.

Amanda & Garlan McCoy said...

Congrats on the potty training! Loved all the stories :)