Wednesday, September 28, 2011

snapshots and whatnots

so i'm still sans fancy camera but i finally dug about the mess that needs to be put back into my
kitchen cabinets and found the chord for the little camera for a happy little uploading party.

first off
atticus in the primary program


i'm the primary chorister in my ward (which means that i teach music to the little kids in my church congregation) and once a year we put on a program for the whole congregation. each child has a speaking part and we sing all the songs we've been working on all year.
it went so well! i was so happy with the kids who all did such a great job! woo hoo!

atticus' part was during the section when the kids are listing things we can do so we can be worthy to enter the temple. his line was "paying our tithing." we had been practicing and practicing and when it was his turn he walked up to the microphone, put his mouth right onto it and said in a low, raspy voice,

"paving our tiving!"

it was pretty hilarious and really sweet. i was a pretty proud mama. during the weeks that we practiced his line i asked him if he knew what it meant to pay tithing. he said yes and explained that it's when we wear a tie to work or church. it was really funny. i explained to him that it means we pay 10% of our income to the bishop so the church can use it to bless people. so the following sunday he filled a tupperware with cereal and said it was to take to the bishop so he can use it for other people. what a sweet young lad.

both boys taking their sunday afternoon photo very seriously


and atticus showing off the feather he found
while beckett looks on longingly


a couple during-the-kitchen-reno shots

atticus was really excited that he could walk under the ladder
and look up through the hole to watch me while i painted the walls.

the peeking atticus

then he needed a turn looking down through the ladder hole


after which he gave some lovin to the new wall color
which he expresses love for daily


some beckett shenanigans

how many photos do i have of this boy scrounging through the fridge?
an endless supply, i tell you, and yet i continue to take more...

he feels real happy that i keep his faves on the lowest shelf

especially the grapes

so i snuck upstairs to see how the boys'
progress on the cleaning the playroom was going

and this is what i found

just a little note here:
i realize that to all you blog readers out there it may appear that my children own only uns and daips but in real life they have closets and drawers full of perfectly good clothes...they just don't wear them much. each morning we do breakfast and get dressed but by noon they are inevitably as nakey as possible. i dress them again after naps if we have outings planned but if not,
uns and daips it is...

ok, moving on...
last sunday was 30 weeks

which means no sleeping, no breathing and no bending over
and this girl is looow so sometimes the bell pops out from under my shirt
and i'm kind of like a plumber is a very unsavory way - let's just say i would benefit from some suspenders
oh yeah, and i'm so exhausted i can barely breath...but really who can breath in their third trimester anyway?
sometimes a girls just gotta learn to live without air for few months.

but nevertheless i am so excited to meet her
she's healthy and well and everything is on track at my doc appts.
she's a wiggler and every time she's wiggling about i just want to hold her
and i'm praying for some semblance of a nesting instinct to kick in
so i can get some things done around here before her arrival
oh yeah, and perhaps some inspiration on her name

anyway, the belly sticks out like a foot in front of me and strangers
are starting to say really fun things like,
"oh my, you look like you're going to have a baby ANY day!"
and the always clever, "are you carrying a basket ball under your shirt?"
cuz remember how i carry just like a bball?

and the paint guy at home depot looked at me last week and said, "STILL???"

so i've resorted to lying about my due date...
"yep...any day!" *smile, smile, cute shrug*

thanks for checking in!


An Ordinary Mom said...

You look stunningly beautiful - as always :) !! Wish I could see your cute pregnant self in person, though. (Maybe you should take a quick weekend getaway to CA the third weekend in October.)

P.S. How do you get your hair to do such cute wave?

Crazy Lady said...

i think you should cock your fist back and say, 'just say that to me again." that would stop the home depot guy ;)

why am i so violent? hmmm wonder where these kids get it?

i love love love the wall paint color, i love gray and cannot wait to see it. you look great as usual

Jeannie said...

I love your gray paint. It looks a lot like the color in Joel's room. Can you do my hair like that for my reunion on Saturday. :)

Melynne said...
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Leah said...

Cant believe all you're getting done. GET SOME REST. Can't believe Mini McCoy will be here so soon.

becky said...

I am glad I am not the only one that is having the same feelings. I walked in for dinner at my parents last week and my dad who hadn't seen me in a week said yep don't think you are going to make it to dec. I am huge and have popped and bending over is pretty much not an option for me. Had to carry Syd yesterday and today since she has been sick and that has done my back in too. Your kitchen color is wonderful. Congrats on getting that done. I have told myself all week long that I am going to scrub my kitchen floor on my hands and knees but the nesting urge hasn't kicked in yet which is fine since I normally then have my baby a week or so after I get it. My baby is also low so my shirts come up and then I flash the garment top. Good luck. Only 10 more weeks for me till due date but hoping that they will induce in 9

Melynne said...

hello insomnia girl! love all the fun details on here (for when we get no talk time to catch up). love the tithing bit!