Monday, September 05, 2011

photo of the {rainy} day

so for all the "we don't get fall weather" hooplah of my previous post we did wake up to a slightly overcast day today. since this happens about five times a year it's kind of a novelty and makes things feel cozy and nice. well, inside at least, since it was still 98 degrees despite the cloudy skies. atticus climbed up on the couch to get a good look outside and declared it a rainy day, too rainy to go outside and play. so instead we went shopping...and tonight cousins are coming to this rainy day has been just about perfect!


ps - thanks for all the potty training love! i appreciate the encouragement
as well as the heads up from many that challenges and accidents still await us.
i'm happy to report that not only did diaper-less church go better than expected but the bug
also made it through a 3 1/3 hour diaper-less drive saturday to visit cousins! i'll stay realistic about accidents
but in the meantime celebrate the successes! woo hoo!

1 comment:

Amy D. said...

Berli, you waited until he was good and ready, you will have very minimal accidents!! He'll do fabulous, no worries!!