Friday, September 09, 2011

photo of the day

we're not afraid to admit that we've got a
house full of ragamuffins around these here parts


we had kind of a crazy week

first with what i've come to call the poop-capades of 2011
you'd think it was my potty trained toddler that might have caused the antics
but nope - beck. stripped his diaper to play outside and left a sweet little trail of smelly footprints behind him

atticus actually gagged...
and i refrained from photo-taking

then this morning at 3:30 AM we were awoken by a search helicopter circling our neighborhood!
eek! they actually circled and circled the homes around us and even shined their big
light right into our backyard looking for bad guys. cops and K9's combed our streets as police cars
patrolled up and down. scary right? i thought we left those city sirens and bad guys behind
after all our late night criminal encounters in boston!
apparently there were some home invasions
viva las vegas...

1 comment:

Amanda & Garlan McCoy said...

Stop putting up pics that make me miss you guys so much! haha So cute I could eat him. :)