Friday, September 30, 2011

an old photo of the day...

i can't remember if this picture has been previously posted
but it's been camping out in my to blog file so i figured a possible repeat couldn't hurt

especially since their faces are so funny
i can't remember why we were taking breakfast pics and what made them do this
but it still makes me laugh

so we unexpectedly started our weekend a day early today. sadly i stumbled myself upon a little ouchie contraction party last night from about 3 AM - 5:30 AM and as soon as i told darek about it this morning he called into work and declared it a mr. mom day. i have literally been sleeping, reading or watching shows all day. and drinking gallons of water in an effort to prevent anymore contractions. i didn't call my doc since they faded after a couple hours (again spent sucking down a well's worth of water - i tend to contract with dehydration) and things loosened up. i'm not going to lie tho, at one point i thought i'd have to head to the hospie. when i was 29 weeks with beckett i had some early labor contractions that required a hospital visit and i was worried history was repeating itself. i just kept telling the little lady that she needed to stay put for another couple months! despite our excitement to meet her, she's far too mini to be joining us now. in any case i'm thinking my body is sending me a message - chill out! not that i've been all that non-chill-out-ish, i think it's mostly just the chasing of the boys that has my belly so tight. anyway, thank you to the handsome hub for giving me a full day's rest and the boys who took 3+ hour naps this afternoon. i am currently contraction free!

plus it's conference weekend! AMEN! my fave!
i need me some serious spiritual nourishment these days!
listen to the LDS prophet and leaders of our church this weekend HERE


becky said...

scary. Yes please keep the baby inside for a little longer. Our ward does a conference 5k and bryan was running in it and Syd was finally starting to feel better that I figured a stroller ride for her and a run for Bryan and Addy would be good. I made it half way when I started to get some pretty strong braxton hicks. I decided it wasn't worth pushing myself and turned around. I have a great ward that were worried about me and even offered to go and get Bryan if needed and one lady even offered to take the stroller for me and have me rest. I said I was okay. Came home ate breakfast and then I sat with my feet up and watched conference. I am totally calling today a lounge day till I go to work tonight. then tomorrow I will lounge some more. I am hoping to keep this little one inside of me for at least 7 more weeks which would put me 3 weeks early. We will see. I still have so much stuff to do and get done before little one comes and christmas. Get lots of rest.

Gramma Dani said...

I tried to leave this comment a minute ago, but it seems to have disappeared into cyberspace...

You're right - a little too early for contractions. Glad they went away! Darek is awesome!!!