Thursday, September 08, 2011

little boy updates

.eighteen months.

loves putting the plunger in the toilet and making a mess
points to and says: nose, eyes, belly, head, mouth, cheeks, foot
reached out his foot to me in the car recently and asked, "tickle? tickle?"
loves loves loves books, pointing at pictures, especially of animals and making sounds
loves the owl in his room - often carries him around "hoo-ing" and took him to bed for nap today
always asks to play outside and insists on stripping his diaper to get wet in the kiddie pool
is throwing everything off his highchair lately, even food he wants to eat
always shares toys with younger kids at church, especially babies
is so cute when he says please, thank you, and you're welcome
gets so hyper at bedtime and loves to wrestle


.3 1/2+.

so hyper and fun
talking, talking, talking
telling stories all the time

today while reading a trivia card to me he said, "choose the right, go to church, go to the temple,
don't fall down, choose the right." i'm not sure what kind of trivia he was playing but i liked the sound of it

i went to a parent meeting for his preschool last night and first thing this morning he came running into my room asking,
"mom, how was my school? was it so awesome???"

is still a potty training king - except for this morning when he had to pee but didn't want
to take the time to walk to the bathroom so simply
pulled down his underwear
peed on the floor
pulled up his underwear
and kept watching his show

that was a no no

informed me this morning that he was the dragon and i was the princess
then chased me around exhaling at me

is hilarious and so darling

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cori said...

i love these boys! what a blessing in my life that we get to be close.