Monday, September 05, 2011

last summer...

i love september. i don't know if i particularly loved it growing up since there was probably little difference between august and september in california, but since having lived on the east coast september has become one of the best times of year. sadly, las vegas doesn't deliver much of a fall either as we're still hovering around 100 degrees and i'll have to wait another month or so for fall weather but this time of year still feels refreshing and hopeful. anyway, i was looking through pictures of last fall and came across these that we took a year ago in beck's nursery. it was just he and i, we were using the camera remote to take the pictures. he's such a snuggly little guy and i can't believe this was already a year ago! he's 18 months old now and in need of a little 18 month photo shoot so i can try to preserve these precious moments as they pass too quickly. this age is probably my very favorite of all so far, nothing beats a little 18 monther cruising around being so darling and so funny! beck's still very much a mama's boy and loves to be toted around on my left hip. luckily, he really loves babies but it will be interesting to see how he adjusts to baby sister.

i remember fretting and fretting about atticus and all the mom-of-one torment that comes from being pregnant with your second and feeling like you're betraying your first and how could i ever love another child as much as my first and all that jazz. and then beck came and atticus didn't even flinch and they are best little friends and i love them both more then i ever knew it was possible to love another human being and you realize that it's all ok. but now we're a few months away from #3 and although i know all the same love and bonding will happen it's still hard not to snuggle my beck and feel a touch of sadness that he won't be my little baby anymore...
has this happened to you?

snuggling with my sweet beck

anyway, happy septemeber to all of you

and for those of you east coasters out there,
please oh please enjoy the incredible fall colors for me


becky said...

yep I keep looking at Sydnee and wondering where the time has gone. She is getting so big and now wants to go to school like her sister. I have started doing some preschool stuff with her so she has some one on one time with mommy before the baby comes. I just hope I adjust to having 3 easy. Good luck

Circuit Fam said...

I love all your posts and read them with joy, laughter, and nod my head in agreement with pretty much everything you say. Happy to see you got a little vacation and didn't see anyone in CA. YOU NEED THAT! Sometimes when things are a little mundane, Chris calls me his roomie. So sad after 10 years of marriage... :) Happy belated birthday. Your boys are beautiful and you would be a super awesome mom. xoxo