Wednesday, September 21, 2011


so i'm sad to report that i left my camera battery charger somewhere between las vegas and idaho a couple months ago. i am therefore cameraless...and i don't like it. i've been taking pictures of the kitchen progress but alas, my last battery has officially died and now i can't even get those pics onto the computer. it's a sad, sad day. we ordered a charger but it ended up being the wrong one. so really there is no point to this post other than complaining and explaining why the kitch hasn't made her blog debut.
well that and she's not totally done yet but she's getting there!
woo hoo!

another note on cameralessness - i should send a little love to garmanda (fyi for clarification's sake: garlan + amanda = garmanda) who graciously gave us one of their old digital point and shoots the last time we saw them. how great is that? i've killed two point and shoots in recent years (or perhaps i should say my little boys have) and i was in need of a daiper bag camera for when i don't want to lug around the biggie. anyway, thank you garmanda for the camera. at least i can still snap shot the kitchen progress.

so anyway, again no real point to this post...just wishing i had cute new pictures to share.
luckily this little baby has been camping out in my "to blog" file just waiting for its chance to shine.
sweet beck with that little belly reaching for amanda's bubble.

~ enjoy ~

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Amanda & Garlan McCoy said...

You are so welcome. We wanted it to go to a good home that would love it. haha. Miss you guys! Can't wait to see more kitchen pics.