Friday, September 30, 2011

an old photo of the day...

i can't remember if this picture has been previously posted
but it's been camping out in my to blog file so i figured a possible repeat couldn't hurt

especially since their faces are so funny
i can't remember why we were taking breakfast pics and what made them do this
but it still makes me laugh

so we unexpectedly started our weekend a day early today. sadly i stumbled myself upon a little ouchie contraction party last night from about 3 AM - 5:30 AM and as soon as i told darek about it this morning he called into work and declared it a mr. mom day. i have literally been sleeping, reading or watching shows all day. and drinking gallons of water in an effort to prevent anymore contractions. i didn't call my doc since they faded after a couple hours (again spent sucking down a well's worth of water - i tend to contract with dehydration) and things loosened up. i'm not going to lie tho, at one point i thought i'd have to head to the hospie. when i was 29 weeks with beckett i had some early labor contractions that required a hospital visit and i was worried history was repeating itself. i just kept telling the little lady that she needed to stay put for another couple months! despite our excitement to meet her, she's far too mini to be joining us now. in any case i'm thinking my body is sending me a message - chill out! not that i've been all that non-chill-out-ish, i think it's mostly just the chasing of the boys that has my belly so tight. anyway, thank you to the handsome hub for giving me a full day's rest and the boys who took 3+ hour naps this afternoon. i am currently contraction free!

plus it's conference weekend! AMEN! my fave!
i need me some serious spiritual nourishment these days!
listen to the LDS prophet and leaders of our church this weekend HERE

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

snapshots and whatnots

so i'm still sans fancy camera but i finally dug about the mess that needs to be put back into my
kitchen cabinets and found the chord for the little camera for a happy little uploading party.

first off
atticus in the primary program


i'm the primary chorister in my ward (which means that i teach music to the little kids in my church congregation) and once a year we put on a program for the whole congregation. each child has a speaking part and we sing all the songs we've been working on all year.
it went so well! i was so happy with the kids who all did such a great job! woo hoo!

atticus' part was during the section when the kids are listing things we can do so we can be worthy to enter the temple. his line was "paying our tithing." we had been practicing and practicing and when it was his turn he walked up to the microphone, put his mouth right onto it and said in a low, raspy voice,

"paving our tiving!"

it was pretty hilarious and really sweet. i was a pretty proud mama. during the weeks that we practiced his line i asked him if he knew what it meant to pay tithing. he said yes and explained that it's when we wear a tie to work or church. it was really funny. i explained to him that it means we pay 10% of our income to the bishop so the church can use it to bless people. so the following sunday he filled a tupperware with cereal and said it was to take to the bishop so he can use it for other people. what a sweet young lad.

both boys taking their sunday afternoon photo very seriously


and atticus showing off the feather he found
while beckett looks on longingly


a couple during-the-kitchen-reno shots

atticus was really excited that he could walk under the ladder
and look up through the hole to watch me while i painted the walls.

the peeking atticus

then he needed a turn looking down through the ladder hole


after which he gave some lovin to the new wall color
which he expresses love for daily


some beckett shenanigans

how many photos do i have of this boy scrounging through the fridge?
an endless supply, i tell you, and yet i continue to take more...

he feels real happy that i keep his faves on the lowest shelf

especially the grapes

so i snuck upstairs to see how the boys'
progress on the cleaning the playroom was going

and this is what i found

just a little note here:
i realize that to all you blog readers out there it may appear that my children own only uns and daips but in real life they have closets and drawers full of perfectly good clothes...they just don't wear them much. each morning we do breakfast and get dressed but by noon they are inevitably as nakey as possible. i dress them again after naps if we have outings planned but if not,
uns and daips it is...

ok, moving on...
last sunday was 30 weeks

which means no sleeping, no breathing and no bending over
and this girl is looow so sometimes the bell pops out from under my shirt
and i'm kind of like a plumber is a very unsavory way - let's just say i would benefit from some suspenders
oh yeah, and i'm so exhausted i can barely breath...but really who can breath in their third trimester anyway?
sometimes a girls just gotta learn to live without air for few months.

but nevertheless i am so excited to meet her
she's healthy and well and everything is on track at my doc appts.
she's a wiggler and every time she's wiggling about i just want to hold her
and i'm praying for some semblance of a nesting instinct to kick in
so i can get some things done around here before her arrival
oh yeah, and perhaps some inspiration on her name

anyway, the belly sticks out like a foot in front of me and strangers
are starting to say really fun things like,
"oh my, you look like you're going to have a baby ANY day!"
and the always clever, "are you carrying a basket ball under your shirt?"
cuz remember how i carry just like a bball?

and the paint guy at home depot looked at me last week and said, "STILL???"

so i've resorted to lying about my due date...
"yep...any day!" *smile, smile, cute shrug*

thanks for checking in!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


so i'm sad to report that i left my camera battery charger somewhere between las vegas and idaho a couple months ago. i am therefore cameraless...and i don't like it. i've been taking pictures of the kitchen progress but alas, my last battery has officially died and now i can't even get those pics onto the computer. it's a sad, sad day. we ordered a charger but it ended up being the wrong one. so really there is no point to this post other than complaining and explaining why the kitch hasn't made her blog debut.
well that and she's not totally done yet but she's getting there!
woo hoo!

another note on cameralessness - i should send a little love to garmanda (fyi for clarification's sake: garlan + amanda = garmanda) who graciously gave us one of their old digital point and shoots the last time we saw them. how great is that? i've killed two point and shoots in recent years (or perhaps i should say my little boys have) and i was in need of a daiper bag camera for when i don't want to lug around the biggie. anyway, thank you garmanda for the camera. at least i can still snap shot the kitchen progress.

so anyway, again no real point to this post...just wishing i had cute new pictures to share.
luckily this little baby has been camping out in my "to blog" file just waiting for its chance to shine.
sweet beck with that little belly reaching for amanda's bubble.

~ enjoy ~

Friday, September 16, 2011

this week
we've been painting and painting and painting
and we had another little poop-capades episode yesterday
and poor atticus spent last night nightmaring about ghosts
and my pinterest addiction is growing by the minute
and i'm so glad new season shows are on
and i wish i had a brownie right now
plus sweet baby beck has been extra snuggly and funny
mostly a good week (minus the poop mess, paint mess and nightmare mess...)

ok, so we've been working like mad on this little kitchen project of ours.
i've been spending the days painting and darek paints all night, literally - he stayed up until 4:30 in the AM finishing the edges of the paint two nights ago! how's that for dedication? thanks handsome hub! anyway, the kitchen was out of commission for a few days which is enough to motivate anyone to get it done quickly. now all the inside stuff is finished and it's looking good! so excited! still lots of work to be done tho, the cabinet doors are awaiting a good spraying in the garage this weekend. hopefully all will be done sometime next week!
so glad this it turning out to be worth it!

anyway, it's been a little bit of a hectic week with a chaotic house and an unuseable kitchen - however after mentioning to a friend of mine today that i would just be home cleaning all day if she wanted to bring her kids over to keep my kids company for a bit, she did in fact bring her kids over but also brought her nanny and the two of them CLEANED MY WHOLE HOUSE!!! can you believe it? we're talking sweep, mop, dust, vacuum, dishes, fold 5 loads of laundry (even our skivvies, people!!) and help put everything away! now that is true friendship! what a blessing these friendships are!
i want to be that kind of friend...
so you just let me know if you have some skivvies
you'd like me to come fold for you.
i'm there!

anyway - lots of love and THANKS to min and juno
for making this tired pregnant girl's day!!!

and while we're on the subject of sharing the love
last night atticus and i sat down for a little bedtime snack
and he just spontaneously said to me,
"mommy, you're a nice mommy."

it melted my heart
and was exactly what i needed to hear
because i don't always feel nice when i'm enforcing rules and giving time outs all day
which i believe to be part of responsible parenting, but just gets so old after a day of disciplining
please tell me you know what i mean

but my sweet boy let me know that it was all ok,
and that he still thought i was a nice mommy
.thanks little bug.

it did, however, slightly backfire on me this morning when i was enforcing the eat-at-the-table rule
and atticus reminded me, "no mommy, be a nice mommy, not a mean mommy."
oh well, you win some and you lose some...


Monday, September 12, 2011

fare thee well, sort of ugly kitchen

so our kitchen is really one of the main reasons we bought this house. lots of space.
and people always comment on our island because it's like the size of hawaii. i don't want to brag or anything but it's like a thanksgiving dinner dream come true. the problem is that aside from the hawaii-sized island, it's kind of an ugly kitchen. not ugly exactly. i shouldn't say that because i don't want really mean it and i'm really grateful for it and i really do love a lot of things about our kitchen. but really the sucker needs a little facelift. i've searched high and low for the right design ideas as well as pricing all the la-dee-dahs that go along with giving your kitchen a facelift. well of course all the dream la-dee-dahs cost mucho moolah so instead we're doing this on the cheap, a little at a time, and by ourselves...which always sounds so reasonable when you're pricing things and always ends up being slightly nightmarish once you've started. anyway, for now we've just decided on painting - walls and cabinets.
floors and counter tops will have to wait.

we started on saturday and here we are 11 PM monday night having just finished taping everything off! it's like a crazy crime scene in there. we had to tape and wrap and plasticize and card boardicize and all manner of -icize everything (dexter would be proud...) because we're doing the cabinets with a spray gun. which also means all the doors had to be removed and all contents taken out. i felt like we were packing up to move, sheesh! darek is in there right now spray gunning those puppies and i'm just hoping it doesn't wake up the kids, because there is nothing quiet about a spray gun. anyway, we've been working our little fingies to the bone and hopefully things will be smooth sailing from here on out. especially since i spent all morning repainting the walls i had already painted the wrong color over the weekend to the right color that we thought we had the first time. it was worth it though. we love the new color and hopefully
our poor little kitchen will be a little less ugly when all is said and done.

so farewell sort of ugly kitchen
may your orangey oak cabinets never be orangey again

and a little farewell picture
of what happens when the boys won't let me
get the dishes washed unless they help
note the orangey oak


and a little "before" picture that i took the day we moved in
with the hopes that someday there would be a really cute "after" picture.
keep your fingers crossed!

ps - welcome to hawaii



Friday, September 09, 2011

photo of the day

we're not afraid to admit that we've got a
house full of ragamuffins around these here parts


we had kind of a crazy week

first with what i've come to call the poop-capades of 2011
you'd think it was my potty trained toddler that might have caused the antics
but nope - beck. stripped his diaper to play outside and left a sweet little trail of smelly footprints behind him

atticus actually gagged...
and i refrained from photo-taking

then this morning at 3:30 AM we were awoken by a search helicopter circling our neighborhood!
eek! they actually circled and circled the homes around us and even shined their big
light right into our backyard looking for bad guys. cops and K9's combed our streets as police cars
patrolled up and down. scary right? i thought we left those city sirens and bad guys behind
after all our late night criminal encounters in boston!
apparently there were some home invasions
viva las vegas...

Thursday, September 08, 2011

little boy updates

.eighteen months.

loves putting the plunger in the toilet and making a mess
points to and says: nose, eyes, belly, head, mouth, cheeks, foot
reached out his foot to me in the car recently and asked, "tickle? tickle?"
loves loves loves books, pointing at pictures, especially of animals and making sounds
loves the owl in his room - often carries him around "hoo-ing" and took him to bed for nap today
always asks to play outside and insists on stripping his diaper to get wet in the kiddie pool
is throwing everything off his highchair lately, even food he wants to eat
always shares toys with younger kids at church, especially babies
is so cute when he says please, thank you, and you're welcome
gets so hyper at bedtime and loves to wrestle


.3 1/2+.

so hyper and fun
talking, talking, talking
telling stories all the time

today while reading a trivia card to me he said, "choose the right, go to church, go to the temple,
don't fall down, choose the right." i'm not sure what kind of trivia he was playing but i liked the sound of it

i went to a parent meeting for his preschool last night and first thing this morning he came running into my room asking,
"mom, how was my school? was it so awesome???"

is still a potty training king - except for this morning when he had to pee but didn't want
to take the time to walk to the bathroom so simply
pulled down his underwear
peed on the floor
pulled up his underwear
and kept watching his show

that was a no no

informed me this morning that he was the dragon and i was the princess
then chased me around exhaling at me

is hilarious and so darling

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

being a mom
i'm having a challenging mom day

my kids are crazy
my house is a mess
i just want to eat the rest of the brownies
and go to bed

but it helped when beck pushed buttons on my phone
until social distortion started playing
and we had an impromptu dance party

and i found this sweet poem
and it helped put things into perspective

i just thought i'd share
in case you were having a challenging mom day too
may sanity be on your side


get a free download to print here

photo of the day

the sun was back today
and atticus decided it was just the right venue
for sporting my maternity swim top


Monday, September 05, 2011

photo of the {rainy} day

so for all the "we don't get fall weather" hooplah of my previous post we did wake up to a slightly overcast day today. since this happens about five times a year it's kind of a novelty and makes things feel cozy and nice. well, inside at least, since it was still 98 degrees despite the cloudy skies. atticus climbed up on the couch to get a good look outside and declared it a rainy day, too rainy to go outside and play. so instead we went shopping...and tonight cousins are coming to this rainy day has been just about perfect!


ps - thanks for all the potty training love! i appreciate the encouragement
as well as the heads up from many that challenges and accidents still await us.
i'm happy to report that not only did diaper-less church go better than expected but the bug
also made it through a 3 1/3 hour diaper-less drive saturday to visit cousins! i'll stay realistic about accidents
but in the meantime celebrate the successes! woo hoo!
last summer...

i love september. i don't know if i particularly loved it growing up since there was probably little difference between august and september in california, but since having lived on the east coast september has become one of the best times of year. sadly, las vegas doesn't deliver much of a fall either as we're still hovering around 100 degrees and i'll have to wait another month or so for fall weather but this time of year still feels refreshing and hopeful. anyway, i was looking through pictures of last fall and came across these that we took a year ago in beck's nursery. it was just he and i, we were using the camera remote to take the pictures. he's such a snuggly little guy and i can't believe this was already a year ago! he's 18 months old now and in need of a little 18 month photo shoot so i can try to preserve these precious moments as they pass too quickly. this age is probably my very favorite of all so far, nothing beats a little 18 monther cruising around being so darling and so funny! beck's still very much a mama's boy and loves to be toted around on my left hip. luckily, he really loves babies but it will be interesting to see how he adjusts to baby sister.

i remember fretting and fretting about atticus and all the mom-of-one torment that comes from being pregnant with your second and feeling like you're betraying your first and how could i ever love another child as much as my first and all that jazz. and then beck came and atticus didn't even flinch and they are best little friends and i love them both more then i ever knew it was possible to love another human being and you realize that it's all ok. but now we're a few months away from #3 and although i know all the same love and bonding will happen it's still hard not to snuggle my beck and feel a touch of sadness that he won't be my little baby anymore...
has this happened to you?

snuggling with my sweet beck

anyway, happy septemeber to all of you

and for those of you east coasters out there,
please oh please enjoy the incredible fall colors for me

Friday, September 02, 2011

this picture sums up our entire week...

potty training
five days straight
nary an outing to be had
only pee pee and poo poo
and lots of pointers from little brother


and hanging out on the toilet watching movies on the blackberry until the magic happens
and guess what?? the magic happened! all week long! hardly an accident beyond a little dribble here and there. is this too much information? because there's plenty more where that came from! the truth is is that atticus is over three and half...and has been needing to be potty trained for a while. and actually has been busting out #1 on the potty whenever his little heart desired for about a year. the problem was that his little heart rarely desired. and #2 was a different story entirely. according to the little bug it was "scary" and too "hark." (fyi - hark = hard) he just wasn't interested and to be honest i wasn't really all that interested in forcing the issue. so i didn't. and now, here we are with what appears to be a fully potty trained young lad on our hands. he was ready and it was easy and that's the way (uh huh, uh huh) i like it.

can i get another amen?

so this little beauty has been camping out in my closet calling out to atticus for months. it was the promised prize of his first successful potty poo poo. we've been talking about it forever. each poopy diaper lead to a big long story from mom about how happy he'd be if he just dumped that sucker into the potty instead of into his diaper. bedtime stories revolved about how fun it is to poo poo on the potty and send that puppy down to the poopy party under the house. we talked. we joked. we encouraged. and finally monday morning i declared a diaper ban. it was drink-lots-of-juice-and-run-to-the-potty-all-day day. so that's what we did. and sometime half way through the day atticus started asking for a diaper...i knew what that meant. it was now or never. do or die. don't give in mom! so instead i acted like the best thing in the whole wide world was about to happen and got all excited and maybe busted out my dusty cheerleading pompoms and stuck that dude on the potty. there may have been a moment of hesitation but that's all it was. finally, all the prep work paid off. we jumped for joy and celebrated as if we'd won the lottery and atticus declared, "it looks like a snake!" and we sent that sucker to the poopy party and never looked back! no accidents, only poo poo party joy!!!

the long awaited prize!

so we've got a whole pee pee chart and a whole poo poo chart and a whole system of stickers and prizes and coveted marshmallows but after a few days he didn't even need the motivators anymore. or the reminders. he just headed to the bathroom whenever nature made it's call heard. it was incredible. and the icing on top of the cake? we had cousins sleep over last night and right in the middle of all the cousin hubbub and joy, atticus simply skips off to the potty for a poopy party then rejoins the fun like nothing had happened.
that's when i knew, this is for good!

i also registered him for preschool on monday, starting in october, so i knew we were down to the wire. i'm so glad it went so well. the toughest part was just being home all week and the kids getting so bored and mom running out of entertainment juice. but alas, here we are. it's over and done with and hopefully will continue to go smoothly. this next week will bring the challenges of going to church, to the gym and other outings so we'll see how that goes. but for now i'm just going to give the little guy a high five and shout hooray!!

so i've just downloaded all the pictures from the week and had to delete half since naked little man's goods got captured a few times...sorry about that little guy. that's what happens when you spend most of the week nakey. however this picture, despite the slight bun-ness, had to stay because it is funny. i spilled coco roos (i know, such a loss...) and instead of sweeping them up right away i took pictures while the boys ate half of them off the ground and crunched the other half stepping on them. this picture is extra classic because beck had a tiny pirate-like ponytail that his babysitter gave him, and some of atticus' uns on over his diaper because he wanted in on the action. in fact, he even sat on the potty and tinkled a bit then stood up, pointed and asked, "my pee pee?" so it appears i could very soon have two potty trained boys on my hands. i figure one trained late and one trained early averages out to both trained right on time.
good job boys!


okay and since i'm not holding back on the pee-pee-ness in this post...i must share. skip if you must...
one morning beck woke up especially wet. i took all his bedding and jammies and smuggled his blankie and kitty and atticus' blankie (this has to be done very much on the sly as they FREAK when they think they'll have to go an hour without their prized possessions so i can launder them) and snuck it all into the washer before beck noticed. speed cycle on. success. until 30 minutes later when i went to switch the wash to the dryer, which again, had to be done so very much on the sly so beck wouldn't notice wet kitty and wet blankie and for sure not get to hang out with them until after dryer time and be so sad, etc. etc. so anyway, quick switch...until i notice that everything stilled smelled like a lot...because that's what happens when you wash the sick, nasty urine-filled diaper with the laundry!! in my haste i had included it in the load. NAST! needless to say those puppies were speedied back into the washer where they enjoyed a full sanitation cycle, sans pee pee diaper this time. sadly at this point beck caught a glimpse and the heist was up. i was discovered. kitty was spotted and mourned and mourned some more until finally he emerged from the washer/dryer urine free.
it was indeed a pee pee week. so glad it's over...

Thursday, September 01, 2011

photo of the day

this little smurf went crazy with his blue stamp

i should have taken a picture of him without his shirt on since his chest was all stamped up too.
plus beckett got a hold of the stamp later in the day and then i had twin smurfs on my hands for the day.
crazy kids