Wednesday, August 10, 2011

saturday parade and carnival
are you tired of preston posts yet?
no? then i'll keep 'em comin!


the saturday parade was far more spectacular then friday's
with lots of candy and floats and exciting hullabaloo
minus john's unfortunate face...

we told the kids that the parade peeps would throw more candy if they yelled louder
so yelled louder, they did!

and more candy they got!

atticus is lucky i didn't snatch this bit o' honey right out of his little hands
cuz it's my fave...i'll even confess that i found one nestled down in the grass
that was certainly left over from thursday night's parade...
and i ate it
in secret

then bragged about it to all bit o' honey-less-ees in my presence

he was even more thrilled about the chocolate milk and strawberry milk that was dispersed
and he happy danced about it for a while

beck, on the other hand, took his chocolate milk very seriously

darek and i kept laughing at this thoughtful pose atticus would often assume
while observing the glories the preston parade had to offer, including a happy little herbie

then we laughed again when the demolition derby cars' revving engines where too loud for his tender ears

i had to get a little post-parade group shot and told everyone to make a face
please take a moment to observe each and every face
it's worth your while

darek and i laughed and laughed the more we studied this gem
we decided that sarah and ruth tied for first place

then a waving one

so we did more rides at the carnival that night, although i only busted out
my camera for the flying saucers to document beck's first carnival ride

he was far too enamored to smile
but he nevertheless loved it


flying off to outer space

after the carnival we happened upon this funny sight

this little grass ditch is in front of my grandma roper's house. before walking over to the carnival grounds we were standing around chatting with my parents, aunts and uncle. they told us they'd meet us over there shortly, but we never happened to encounter them. later we discovered why. when we came back to grandma's house where we parked our cars this is what we found. a bunch of old folks chillin in the ditch. they'd been chatting and laughing all night. it was really cute and actually some much needed happy chatty jokey time on the weekend of their mother's funeral. they were a jolly bunch and i was so happy to see all the smiles.



Jeannie said...

Great pictures! I don't even know most of the peole but I still got a great laugh out of the funny face photo. And I love that Darek still has his funny face in the wave photo. You have a fun family.

p.s. I'm bummed I didn't make it over tonight. I didn't even get a shower today. :( It was a crazy day.

Gramma Dani said...

Love ALL of these photos! Thanks for posting them!