Tuesday, August 30, 2011

ps - i also turned 33
and decided that that wasn't too old afterall


here it is - the 25+ week belly...i know, i know...it looks more like 35 weeks.
what can i say? once i pop out, i POP OUT!

my mom was 33 years old when she had me,
although i was her last and her oldest was 11 by then.
so i'm a little behind, but catching up.

anyway, just wanted a little shot with my 2.5 kids on my 33rd birthday.
i love atticus' enthusiasm for the belly.
and brooke, you should recognize this outfit, yeah?

darek made me yummy birthday breakfast,
which beckett crawled across the table to eat

atticus' funny face at breakfast

this little man only does his high chair about half the time now

the rest of the time he's pretty much doing this,
crawling from plate to plate eating whatever tickles his fancy

the boys also colored a happy birthday sign for me
which i asked them to hold up for the camera and smile

they only complied once i bribed them with chocolate

oh me, oh my
the yummiest nothing-bundt-cake in all the history of bundt cakes
i think we all pretty much had nothing-bundt-cake for dinner that night

cori and the kids stopped by for a little birthday surprise, brought with love from anthropologie!
favorite people + favorite store! it was a birthday dream come true. the anthro bag just sat on my entry way table all day teasing and singing out to me until present opening time that night. cori picked out this, these, these and little kitchen labels that look like these for me! i was amazed that a few of the items (book and measuring spoons) had been on my wish list for a long time and she simply read my mind and made a special birthday delivery! what a great gal, yeah?
sadly i forgot to get a picture of them delivering the gift,
but i did get a picture of the delivery itself.

anthro bag sitting, teasing, singing to me.

i got a couple other lucky deliveries that day too!

first brooke sent me a box of maternity clothes. (THANK YOU brooke!) she apologized that it wasn't something more exciting but to be honest, it was the best! i hate buying maternity clothes that i'll wear for a minute and then pack away in storage until the next round. darek even got me a few gift cards to buy some maternity clothes (because remember how it's real easy to start hating the ones you're now wearing for your third pregnancy?) i bought a few things but might save the rest of the gift cards for post-baby clothes shopping, cuz sometimes that's more fun, right?

plus, a couple weeks ago i hosted a premiere designs jewelry party and got $500 of free jewelry! which is only the second half of the happy story, because a couple months ago i went to a premiere designs jewelry party and got $500 worth of jewelry for $100! how about them apples, eh? and it's really cute, good quality jewelry too. so anywho, i lucked out and my most recent shipment of jewels arrived right on my birthday. a free little gift to myself. it's tough to find opportunities at this stage in my life to wear much jewelry but let me tell you a little secret about how i feel much cuter when i do. and who says walmart isn't an appropriate venue for jewelry anyway? live it up folks! my friend that does the jewelry parties says that 90% of your wardrobe budget should be spent on accessorie - ie - jewelry, bags and shoes. otherwise it should be made up of basics and favorite pieces that can be all spruced up and varied with accessories. needless to say, this pregnant belly with its five maternity outfits is all about accessorizing...especially for free. huzzah!

my stack of jewelry boxes...

so darek, being the charming fellow that he is, lined up a little babysitting action and took me to a chick flick, since that's all i usually want to do. we saw One Day. i had high hopes but alas was disappointed...perhaps if you've seen it you know what i mean. but it didn't really matter because i was out with my man, wearing a cute shirt from brooke and a necklace that i got for free!
hooray for turning thirty-three!!

and thank you for all the calls, FB posts, texts and emails!
it made my day to hear from all of you!
much love!


Crazy Lady said...

you are so funny. and you look dang good, for real. i'm real slow and would never have noticed the outfit, but totally made me laugh.

i want to see some of your new jewelry so start modeling. don't you love birthdays? i guess we will for a little while more, when does it change?

Gramma Dani said...

Such a fun birthday!!! :-)

Bonnie said...

Happy Birthday Amberli! Your belly is adorable and it's still blowing my mind that you're having a baby- how do you do it all? I'm glad to see you found the box that contained all of your kids clothes and they don't have to run around in diapers :) Seriously though, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Oh and I love the thing about Beck crawling on the table to get to food- Owen does that too. Climbs right up on our counter height table using our bar stool height chairs. Crazy monkeys.