Sunday, August 07, 2011

friday night parade


we watched the friday night parade in preston in front of my aunt joyce's house.
this is my cousin's wife, becky. she's about a week behind me with her third baby too
although she's braving it and not finding out the gender.

usually the parade people throw tons of candy out to the crowd but friday night was
just the horse parade, no floats, etc which meant no candy. lame.



atticus got a caramel apple
which he dropped on the ground
and had to just eat all the caramel off the wrapper
but he was still happy

then we went over to the carnival grounds
beck totally cheesed up his smile when he saw us all bust out our cameras to take pictures of him

merry-go-round with ali

close up of the froggy smile

and riding the wild roller coaster
these two are such good buddies, even tho they are 8 years apart
i love to see them playing and laughing together

i loved this carnival when i was a kid - always so magical
my dad and i were chatting about how magical it felt to him also when he was a kid
i'm so happy the magic has been passed on to the next generation

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becky said...

it was so much fun to see you guys up there. I am glad I don't look too fat in the pictures of us. I am scared to find out how much I have gained this month as I have been craving chocolate and shakes. Crazy baby. It was a fun night even if they didn't throw candy.