Saturday, August 06, 2011

dinner on the porch


our first night in utah we had delicious homemade cafe rio salads on the proch
of my sister's house while all the kids ran around playing in the green court

my mom with little mabel, who wasn't the happiest for this picture
but still so darling. she is such a funny little girl and has some serious spunk!

sarah and baby mads
he's a peaceful little soul and i hope my #3 takes after him

my sister kirstin and niece ali

atticus' brother from another mother
raymond is two weeks older but five inches shorter than atticus
and they are the very bestest of friends - no fighting, only maniacal playing.
one night while these boys were playing in raymond's backyard we overheard atticus say,
"so raymond, you always go pee and poo on the potty, huh?" and ray said, "yep!"
atticus was just checking the facts. i'm always pointing out to him which friends and cousins
always use the potty hoping it will be the final motivator for him. it was pretty funny!

notice these are the nachos from the above picture
that beck stole as soon as atticus' back was turned

so i know that some of you won't think this shirt is funny
but i'm guessing most of you will
don't miss the fine print: "how's that hopey-changey thing working out for ya?"

so thursday night we had another little family BBQ at my brother brandon's
house then headed to idaho friday morning. we received the sad news on thursday morning
that my grandma roper had passed away. i was so sad to have missed her by only a day. however
in the end she wasn't able to communicate much and she really wanted us grandkids and great-grandkids
to not see her sick and instead remember her happy and healthy like she'd been all her life.
although she passed away from congestive heart failure, which generally causes a very uncomfortable and
scary death in the final moments, my grandma had a very peaceful passing.
it was such a blessing from Heavenly Father that her final moments were peaceful.
she is an incredible woman and her funeral was absolutely awesome...more about that to come.

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