Friday, June 24, 2011

monkey see
monkey do

hm...i'm not exactly sure where atticus got this idea from
(or that i want to know, for that matter)


but i know exactly where beck got it from


and so it is in our house - monkey see, monkey do

big monkey also taught little monkey the word "mine" this week, which means little monkey
learned every mom's two favorite words this week: mine and no. luckily he's too sweet to bust them out
all that often but nevertheless they show their ugly heads at the most inopportune moments.

beck is actually pretty funny when we have to tell him "no." since we're usually also waving our finger and shaking
our head no, he usually looks back at us very seriously, waving his finger and shaking his head
with kind of a confused look on his face like he's trying to make out if we're really saying no to him.
i admit, he's kind of hard to say no to most of the time...
except for times like this. at least once a day...


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

the daddy in our house

so saturday night i told darek that i had gotten a babysitter and planned a little father's day date for him
his response: "when's father's day?"
it looks like i could have gotten a freebie this year since he didn't even know father's day had arrived
but nevertheless we went out and celebrated in style

we spent sunday doing sunday things as well as having yummy donuts and nothing bundt cake
and opening presents to celebrate the daddy in our house

who is kind of crazy
but lots of fun

and makes the kids really happy
despite beck's look of distress in this picture


as usual there was lots of play in the backyard

that included putting all of the toys in the pool

and swinging, swinging, swinging with daddy

displaying one of his little gifties from the boys
because this daddy loves himself some serious dairy queen

atticus was on card-making duty which quickly turned into wall decor duty
of which he was very proud

darek is such a fun daddy. i feel so grateful that he comes home from work every night and spends the evening chasing and wrestling and playing with the boys. we all love you darek!

darek and i also called each of our dad's on father's day to chitty chat and wish them a happy day. afterwards we talked about how blessed we've been to have been raised by good parents. thank you to papa ted and grandpa mccoy for all the love and sacrifice over the years. we love you so much!

i hope all the daddy's out there had a happy day!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

the sixteen week belly
and growing...


we had a little check up today and all is well in belly-ville
we're at T minus 22 days until we find out the gender
stay tuned

Monday, June 20, 2011

sixteen months old


this is what it's like to hang out with beckett


he is honestly the happiest little guy i've ever known


that laugh and smile make all my tired mommy moments worth it


even eating grapes is a party


and apparently very funny


so much so that big brother had to join the fun

this is the best picture
atticus cracking up like a maniac
while beckett steals his grapes


beckett shenanigans

don't let that innocent little face fool you though
he's plenty mischievous, just like big brother


i recently found his shoe in the cabinet
my phone in the fridge
and stolen chocolate in the pantry



but so cute it's all ok



at sixteen months beck is running everyone where he goes, and he's generally either chasing atticus or getting chased by him. he learned the word no this week which is always fun for a mother to hear. he's also miraculously decided that when he needs a diaper change hell saunter on over, plop down on his behind and slowly lay down so his diaper can be changed even though he hates nothing more than having his diaper changed...weird. he loves shoes and flip flops and will bring them over and climb onto my lap, sticking out his foot indicating that he'd like me to put them on, please. he's super chill and just cruises around playing most of the time...the rest of the time he still insists on perching on my left hip while i try to do all things one handed. wrestling with darek and atticus is his most favorite passtime...that and eating anything and everything within toddler arms reach. he's the sweetest little soul and melts my heart a hundred times a day.

i love you little marshmallow!
atticus shenanigans

face coloring is alive and well at the mccoy household
atticus currently prefers his forehead for displaying artwork


when did my three year old turn thirteen?
this is how i found him this afternoon, playing darek's PSP which he refers to as "dad's game."
let the record show that i am not a fan of atticus already playing video games, this was all darek.


atticus took up residence at the top of the stairs for a few days
moved his bedding onto the landing, even his sound machine
and played dad's game for as long as i'd allow

helping with the dishes, which is really just making a huge soapy wet mess
and apparently putting soapy bowls on his head while he's at it


this little maniac is officially in charge of putting his dishes in the sink and his sippy cup in the fridge when he's done
one night i was extra impressed that he's also put the gallon of milk back in the fridge
like this...


i found the garbage can knocked over one day, which is a common occurrence around here
but this day was special because the lid had recieved a little extra love from atticus' filthy foot


as always the kid loves himself some mess-making art projects


atticus just hit three and half years old
he's as crazy and fun as always. he's just started swimming lessons and even though the water is freezing and he only lasts half the lesson, so far so good. he is such a good older brother and plays with beckett all day long. he loves to play in the kiddie pool in the backyard and swim at friends' houses. he's totally into building forts and setting up his blankies, pillows and sleeping bag in special spots all around the house. his ottoman at the foot of his bed and our ottoman in the tv room are his special treasure chests that often house shoes, candy, toys and any treasures he's trying to keep secret. he's recently developed a fire engine siren sounding cry and i do everything in my power to 1) prevent it from happening, and 2) escape it when it is happening. he's getting better and better every sunday in primary while i do singing time which is mostly because i've started bribing him with treats and prizes to stay in his seat the whole time. i've never claimed to be above bribing!

he's sweet and tender and gives such passionate hugs it makes him tremble.
i love you sweet bug!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


seriously...who knew that landscaping one measly little backyard was so much work?
it took weeks...maybe months. lots of nights of darek out there shoveling until after midnight!

but alas

plus the cement patio extended another section in front of the backdoor
but darek rented a cement cutter and removed it piece by piece for a little more grass space
i mean this was no easy feat, peeps! what's a person gotta do for a little grass in this state?

digging out rock and dirt, laying all the piping for sprinklers, laying top soil and sod...
(ps - darek didn't think one before picture was enough so he added the following)

so i've been married to the hub for nei upon nine years and i admit, i knew next to nothing of this landscaping skills. he worked as a landscaper for summer jobs but all i've ever heard him say of it was something about beauty bark...and i made fun of him for it...because i didn't really believe it was called beauty bark. but i was wrong. and he's the one laughing now because apparently he's still got some tricks up his sleeve after all these years. check it.

i won't dwell upon the messes and messes and messes that have entered my home and yard and life since this project began, but it mostly had to do with loads and loads of dirt and mud being trailed through my home. and we all know of my disdain for mopping...instead i just tried to keep beck from eating too much off the kitchen floor. and lots of sink baths throughout the day to manage the mess between nighttime baths.

and lots of popsicles
and green foreheads from self-inflicted smiley face stamping

and juicy watermelon

and ragamuffin boys

i was trying to get beck to reach up for my prego belly
but he just pulled down my shorts instead
and thought it was real funny

water is the key to survival here in the blazing fire of a desert that we live in
so lots of water guns in the kiddie pool
and atticus helping water the grass


and the final outcome
although we'll eventually put in a real patio cover
and we're still adding bushes and plants around the edges of the yard
and i'll attempt a small garden at the far end where the wheel barrow currently resides
and maybe some beauty bark...just for old times sake?

but for now...victory!

our baby palms with our baby boys
we'll see who grows faster


we also put in a pear tree (yum!) but the boys would hardly stand still long enough for a
palm tree picture so the pear tree picture will have to wait

so hooray for having a green backyard!! it makes an incredible difference here in the desert where green is so rare.
it also cools the backyard and especially makes dinner on the patio in the evenings heavenly.

thank you darek for all your hard work!!!!
huzzah for undercover landscapers!!!

Monday, June 06, 2011

"on this [blog] site
in 2011
nothing happened"


i took this picture while i was in idaho last month. this plaque is hanging in a little convenience store called papa jay's outside of preston. it made me laugh even though it's not true because something sublime does in fact happen at papa jay's on a regular basis, namely the creation of the best homemade beef jerky in all the land. i wish i could say something as exciting about my blog but alas, as you can see here it sits neglected and boring. i've been lacking blog inspiration of late and thought this picture was rather fitting. no?

papa jay's world headquarters

however, since i'm here and you're here and we're all here together, can i ask you a question? i emailed some of you about this but in case i missed you i have a little question for you. i have to do a 20 minute lesson for a relief society (church women's group) meeting on wednesday night and i'm seeking inspiration. the topic is "the importance of friendship." i have a lot of thoughts on the subject but nothing that's really gelling - sooo...i was wondering if you had any thoughts on the subject?
any quotes, stories, experiences, etc. about friendship that you'd like to share?
feel free to leave a little comment or shoot me an email if you have any words of wisdom for my inspiration-less self.

ps - papa jay's also has stellar root beer
steller enough that it required some celebratory root beer drinking and picture taking out in the parking lot

thanks friends!!!