Thursday, May 19, 2011

let us all pretend for a second
that it hasn't been nearly a month since i last blogged
and that i haven't become one of those silly bloggers that never blog on their blog anymore

deal? great. thanks!

so hello! how are you? are you even still there? i fear i have lost every one of my five faithful readers
due to my blogging lackage but allow me to present you with this most darling picture as a peace offering for ignoring you for so long

(sent to my from aunt C's phone last weekend)

B and C and family (bless all their hearts) kept the boys for us
last weekend! i mean, AMEN, right? i was like a whole new woman!
well, to be completely honest i hardly knew what to do with myself. i'm so used to every moment
being focused on these boys that i wasn't sure what in the world to focus on. it's become absolutely automatic to keep their needs and safety in the forefront of my mind all the time. funny, how that happens when you're in charge of a couple wee little lads, no? it seemed like every few minutes i wondered where my kids were, did i need to feed them, change them, make sure they weren't playing in the street, etc? they did really great at B and C's too which makes this story even more of a fantasy come true. THANK YOU to all you LV mccoys that took such good care of our sweet boys last weekend. you've all earned a spot in heaven, as far as i'm concerned.

so anwho, things have been kind of crazy over the last month during my blogging hiatus.
i don't even know where to begin. if i could rewind to easter and blog it and mother's day and our trip to utah then my trip back the next week for my grandma's funeral and then all the regular, mundane things that always seem to end up on my blog, i would. but alas, who has energy for these kinds of endeavors? hopefully i'll catch the blogging bug again asap and get all caught up...

in the meantime i hope you all are alive and well!

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