Sunday, May 22, 2011

i know what you're all thinking...

first you're trying to remember how old beckett
is so you can calculate how close these little babes will be

beck's 15 months, they'll be 22 months apart
atticus will turn four the week the babe is born
so close, but not like i-didn't-mean-to-get-pregnant-close

which probably answers your second question - yes, planned

and lastly
you're thinking i'm crazy...

and this is how i feel about it
you're totally right!!!

i mean i've got my hands full with this little ragamuffins running around creating chaos left and right
but that doesn't really matter until you're pregnant and so tired and kind of yucky
and definitely emotional and that's when you find yourself wondering,
"what in the world was i thinking? i can't handle another kid!"
but by then you're pregnant and it's too late to wonder
so you just pretend like it's all going to be ok

atticus can't stop talking about the babe in my belly. he's sure it's a little sister and so far he's named her winky. he's also finding pregnant bellies everywhere we go and pointing to them while shouting, "look mom! there's a baby in there!" luckily he's only pointed to pregnant women so far but one of these days it may not be...
that will be embarrassing.

so lah-dee-dah, i'm sure you're not interested in the details of my raging food aversions but i'll just sum it by saying that i'd pay good money to detach the smelling mechanism in my nose until the time comes to smell my newborn. smells = bad, food = even worse, but have to eat to not feel sick.
it's a very cruel trick by mother nature. but nevertheless she's bringing me a sweet little babe and i'll forever be grateful.

so thanks for all the blog and facebook congrats and love!
we're excited and we'll keep you updated


Bronwyn James said...

Reading about your food aversions brings it all back full force. It's so easy to forget. I can't imagine doing it again with two toddlers. You're amazing! And congratulations. In the end of course it will be nothing but true love and baby marvelousness (with a little toddler chaos mixed in). Love you!

Crazy Lady said...

D and b are 22 months apart. Buti remember freakin out a teeny bit right before b was born. Shoot I don't think u r crazy...ya only live once better make it exciting

becky said...

good luck. I am so excited for you. It is so nice to have someone pregnant with me that I can talk to about all the issues. I totally agree with the food issues and then forcing yourself to eat. I also think I am crazy for having another one especially when my kids won't listen to me. Mine will be 3 1/2 years apart and I still think I am crazy. We are trying to potty train right now too and hoping it takes before the baby is born. good luck.

Rachel said...

Congratulations! We are so happy for you. We are hoping for a little girl so that she and Ethan can get the hook ups in a few years.
And despite all the sickness and food aversions, I find myself envious of your pregnant state and the baby on the way. Good luck with everything!

Ambrosia said...

22 mos isn't too close. That is a great spacing. Of course, I don't have any that close (my closest are 26 mos) but I still think it awesome nonetheless. It is a great spacing too! A friend whose baby was born Feb 2010 is having another baby September 2011! Imagine her surprise and indeed it was! Two fold too because it took her 3+ years to get Feb 2010 baby. I am thrilled for you Amberli. CONGRATS. It almost makes me want to have another...almost. Maybe? Who knows? Anywho...yay for pregnancy. Boo on sensitive noses. I will send my easy pgcy vibes your way. :)

Ambrosia said...

Sorry for all the awful grammatical errors. Sheesh, I should have proofread.