Monday, May 30, 2011

bonnie springs


we took the kids out to bonnie springs near red rock canyon today and they loved it!

we thought it was pretty cool when we saw this peacock as soon as we walked in.
it kind of honked at atticus and startled him which he thought was real funny.

but then we saw this peacock and realized it was even cooler
he was flaunting his beauty for the females nearby, flirtin it up!

atticus tried to get closer but the peacock would get all agitated and shakes his feathers at him
hence the very serious expression.


their petting zoo was pretty awesome. several of the animals were just roaming free
like this little reindeer with the softest antlers ever.



he even came over to give beck a little love in the stroller

petting the donkey
(that sounded like leah)

i think the donkey had given atticus a little lick on the hand right here

mini goat

and this ram that i was kind of scared of
sort of thought he was going to ram me in the knees
quick picture and moved along

and these sweet little bambi's gallivanting about
attius pet and pet this one until it finally gave him a little nip on the tummy

the mini choo choo train

riding the train

there was also a little old western town with shops and little shows

once again beckett was scared of walking on planks! it is the funniest thing!
for some reason he just thinks they are so scary to walk on. he crawled up the stairs and then
kind of did this little side crawl along the planks, very skeptical the whole time.

he finally felt kind of sad about it so i had to help him along.
such a mystery tho...

this is what atticus did while beck was in the background facing his walking-on-planks fear...
sat on this little stool and begged for the candy they were selling in the store behind him.

however, beck had no problem chowing a snack in a runaway mining cart

or climbing rusty things

and yee-hawing on the wooden donkey

both boys got a real kick out of sticking their heads thru holes!


beckett thought it was especially hilarious!

as well as his time in baby jail



anyway - it was a fun little outing and great way to spend the holiday with the family!

i hope you had a happy memorial day too!

Friday, May 27, 2011

playing catch up

so what i really wanted most for mother's day was a picture of me with my boys, but alas, since sundays are the most hectic days ever it never happened! all i really wanted on easter too was a nice family picture, but again - sunday! busy! in fact, on mother's day i even dressed my boys in their easter outfits thinking that we could maybe get a second chance but nope!
oh well...i love being a mother and darek and the boys took good care of me,
so no complaining here!

yummy cake


and homemade cards
you can't really see in the picture but atticus was very diligent in coloring the "R"
red on my card and was so proud of it. he talked about it all day long! we hung it on the fridge
and every time he's pass by he'd point out how great that red R looked. true talent!


and flowers
potted ones that we could add to the landscaping that is very slowly happening in our yard's a little kept secret that i am a convicted plant killer and despite my best efforts this little
plant was sent to an early grave. seriously! water! that's it right? i died.

and ironically as i was uploading this picture yesterday the boys were outside totally
and completely obliterating this plant. they tore it to shreds!
so i'm thinking that even if i hadn't killed it, they would have.


again, didn't get the pics i wanted
in fact we never even got around to dying eggs or doing an easter egg hunt
sorry kids

but luckily the easter bunny still stopped by with baskets
so we still got chocolate
and everyone was happy





i had to strip those boys down as soon as those chocolates made it out of their wrappers!




mother's day
and easter!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

i know what you're all thinking...

first you're trying to remember how old beckett
is so you can calculate how close these little babes will be

beck's 15 months, they'll be 22 months apart
atticus will turn four the week the babe is born
so close, but not like i-didn't-mean-to-get-pregnant-close

which probably answers your second question - yes, planned

and lastly
you're thinking i'm crazy...

and this is how i feel about it
you're totally right!!!

i mean i've got my hands full with this little ragamuffins running around creating chaos left and right
but that doesn't really matter until you're pregnant and so tired and kind of yucky
and definitely emotional and that's when you find yourself wondering,
"what in the world was i thinking? i can't handle another kid!"
but by then you're pregnant and it's too late to wonder
so you just pretend like it's all going to be ok

atticus can't stop talking about the babe in my belly. he's sure it's a little sister and so far he's named her winky. he's also finding pregnant bellies everywhere we go and pointing to them while shouting, "look mom! there's a baby in there!" luckily he's only pointed to pregnant women so far but one of these days it may not be...
that will be embarrassing.

so lah-dee-dah, i'm sure you're not interested in the details of my raging food aversions but i'll just sum it by saying that i'd pay good money to detach the smelling mechanism in my nose until the time comes to smell my newborn. smells = bad, food = even worse, but have to eat to not feel sick.
it's a very cruel trick by mother nature. but nevertheless she's bringing me a sweet little babe and i'll forever be grateful.

so thanks for all the blog and facebook congrats and love!
we're excited and we'll keep you updated

Friday, May 20, 2011

one more detail...

so this is the other little project i've been up to for the last 12 weeks:
baby growing

it's a tiring business
but seeing that little doodad rocking out and sucking his/her thumbs
on the ultrasound screen today made my heart sing

still too early to know gender
any guesses?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

let us all pretend for a second
that it hasn't been nearly a month since i last blogged
and that i haven't become one of those silly bloggers that never blog on their blog anymore

deal? great. thanks!

so hello! how are you? are you even still there? i fear i have lost every one of my five faithful readers
due to my blogging lackage but allow me to present you with this most darling picture as a peace offering for ignoring you for so long

(sent to my from aunt C's phone last weekend)

B and C and family (bless all their hearts) kept the boys for us
last weekend! i mean, AMEN, right? i was like a whole new woman!
well, to be completely honest i hardly knew what to do with myself. i'm so used to every moment
being focused on these boys that i wasn't sure what in the world to focus on. it's become absolutely automatic to keep their needs and safety in the forefront of my mind all the time. funny, how that happens when you're in charge of a couple wee little lads, no? it seemed like every few minutes i wondered where my kids were, did i need to feed them, change them, make sure they weren't playing in the street, etc? they did really great at B and C's too which makes this story even more of a fantasy come true. THANK YOU to all you LV mccoys that took such good care of our sweet boys last weekend. you've all earned a spot in heaven, as far as i'm concerned.

so anwho, things have been kind of crazy over the last month during my blogging hiatus.
i don't even know where to begin. if i could rewind to easter and blog it and mother's day and our trip to utah then my trip back the next week for my grandma's funeral and then all the regular, mundane things that always seem to end up on my blog, i would. but alas, who has energy for these kinds of endeavors? hopefully i'll catch the blogging bug again asap and get all caught up...

in the meantime i hope you all are alive and well!