Friday, April 15, 2011

how about a little road trip?


welp, i'm braving the open road alone with my two babes tomorrow.
we're going up to utah because my sister/nieces/nephews have spring break
and we're going to party like it's 2011. i've made this trip for the last two summers
without darek and by the end of it i'm always beat! let us all pray that my kids sleep like
the sleeping champions that they are so that we can have as much fun as possible.
i'm hoping to see all you utahns while i'm there!


Bonnie said...

Amberli! I'm going to be in Utah on Wednesday (and then through the week), where will you be? I'd love to see you!

lgandrews said...

Ever think of a little dramamine? Works a charm I hear. If I had was driving a wee one on a raod trip alone, I might have a bottle in the diaper bag - or even just some baby tylenol if that make one drowsy. Just a thought.

Megan and Eric Barnhurst said...

I'm glad you are loving life in Vegas because I have to say, when I was in Boston I thought, "How could Amberli leave this?" It was such a great city! I'll have to chat with you to know whereabouts you actually, lived, went to church, etc. now that I know the city (kind of). Loved, loved, loved, Boston!