Friday, April 01, 2011

for the record...

this soft, sweet little marshmallow has busted out two molars and a canine this week
with nary of peep of complaint

this makes us all happy

speaking of happy i just started reading THIS book and i'm pretty sure that if you're a mother you should read it too. so far it somewhat resembles a legitimately helpful self-help book, not a lame non-helpful self-help book. i'm only three chapters in and i'll do a post when i finish because i think i'm going to be wanting to convince you to read it too. and we can all be happy!

other happy things:
amen to general conference being this weekend!
LOVE it! can't wait!

i have a lunch date with my very first best friend of my life tomorrow.
we were best friends when we were beckett's and atticus' ages.
we literally have a whole lifetime to get caught up on.

i've been blurbing the old blog again. i finished 2006 and am now working on 2007.
it's so funny to go back and read my blog. funny actually kind of means embarrassing because
i'm so dorky but whatever i'm glad i have it as a record.

hope you're having a happy day too!


Crazy Lady said...

your beating me on the blurb. love your blog. so lets plan a summer trip to cali?

An Ordinary Mom said...

Just put that book on hold at the library ... looks like I need it :) !! Hope all is well with you ... we miss you and your little family like crazy!!

Ambrosia said...

I can't wait to hear your review on that book. I just put in on hold. I was just thinking it was time to re-read one of my favorite mothering books. I love your blog, Amberli. I'm so glad that you don't have the anti-bloggies anymore.