Sunday, April 10, 2011

the beckett experiment

beckett has decided that he is rather curious about the lives of siamese twins
and has therefore permanently attached himself to my left hip


darek is all sad about beck being a mama's boy and only ever wanting his mama
but i secretly kind of love it
even tho it makes things like cooking dinner really hard
and often requires a baby crying to be held even when i'm in the bathroom (TMI, perhaps?)

but the time beck was crawling down the stairs and bypassed darek to get to me
and even took a little tumble while high jumping darek's legs to get by
and darek picked him up to save him from an almost traumatic tumble-down-the-stairs
and he still just reached out for me and wouldn't rest his wary cries until darek handed him over
i was proud

then it was extra funny a few days later after i had to torture beck through an entire diaper change
(beck hates very few things but getting his diaper changed is #1 on his hate list)
and as soon as i was done he bolted straight to darek for protection
as if his siamese twin had betrayed him in the very worst way

so apparently his mama's boy-ness only goes so far
but i'll take all the love and snuggles i can get
as long as he's willing to give them

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Allison said...

What is up with babies hating diaper changes? By age one it's happened several times a day, every single day and yet they act like it's the worst torture ever. Eli just gets up and walks away mid-change, nakey buns and all.

Anyway, I hear ya, sister. Hopefully this stage will pass quickly and we'll be able to use the bathroom in peace and change a diaper without hysterics sometime soon.