Saturday, April 02, 2011

because we're real fancy like that

can you tell where this is?

here's another clue

fancy mcdonald's

does mcdonald's look like this where you live?
or is this chandelier-in-mcdonalds business just a sin city thing?

a few weeks ago, whilst i was in the throws of the anti-bloggies, darek suggested
"fancy mcdonalds" for a little friday night outing. fancy mcdonald's? i was skeptical.
but he insisted it had a good playspace for the kids and was indeed fancypants so i decided
to cash in my eat-at-mcdonald's-once-a-year exception and check it out.
and it was fancy

even the ketchup

and the playspace

and the boys loved it

and so did darek

so that's what we did
we ate happy meals on lace table clothes
and clinked our shakes in cheers to our health
and took pictures inside of mcdonald's
because it was fancy


and you thought my life lacked glamor


Jeannie said...

You must divulge where the aforementioned fancy McDonald's is located!

Laura Ek said...

That is too funny! This is actually what a lot of Mcdonald's in Europe look like! Maybe not the crystal chandelier, but they look so different and modern, like a "cool" place to eat! Lol!

Mama Thompson said...

With that play space, I'd be at that Mcdonalds every week....