Thursday, April 28, 2011

on the road again...

it's a little family tradition to take pictures on this huge rocking chair in beaver.
someday i'll dig out and scan the one darek and i took back in our premarital days to share with you peeps.


so before i've even had a chance to blog our utah trip, i'm headed back to utah.
my grandmother passed away while i was there last week. it's a loss for us but i'm sure it's a relief for her. she had quite a welcoming committee on the other side (including four of her own children) that i can't help but feel pretty happy for her. my mom and her sisters have been planning the funeral and decided that they didn't want to have it on easter weekend, so it's this weekend instead. i was pretty sure i couldn't handle another week of "vacation" with my crazy kids (who actually did super great 99% of the time, it's just that 1% of time that such a killer, right?) so we drove home last weekend to spend easter with darek and i'm flying back tomorrow alone. i foolishly thought it would be nice to have a little weekend away but then i heard it's snowing buckets up north...i'm praying for some miracle sun, on funeral day at least.
so anywho, hope things are happy on your end.

Friday, April 15, 2011

how about a little road trip?


welp, i'm braving the open road alone with my two babes tomorrow.
we're going up to utah because my sister/nieces/nephews have spring break
and we're going to party like it's 2011. i've made this trip for the last two summers
without darek and by the end of it i'm always beat! let us all pray that my kids sleep like
the sleeping champions that they are so that we can have as much fun as possible.
i'm hoping to see all you utahns while i'm there!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011



i can not believe we left boston a year ago today

i'm thinking that i can no longer tell people that we "just" moved here from boston
because a year is longer than a "just." i'm thinking that also means that i for reals live in vegas.
i never thought i'd say that

but here's the real surprise:
living in vegas is awesome! i wasn't ever really sure i'd say that either.
but the truth is i pretty much love it. it's warm and (surprisingly) pretty and so
not the "vegas strip" lifestyle that i basically forget i live in viva las vegas. we live close enough to
the strip that it's easy to get to but far enough that it feels like i'm a tourist when i'm there. that's about perfect for me.
plus we get so many visitors that i think we've seen more family and friends,
more often then we did in our five years in boston.
plus we play outside everyday here
and there's so much to do here
and i love the people here

yep, it's official
i love vegas

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

from the diana

we had picnic dinner at the park last night. it was dreamy and perfect
and beck discovered his undying LOVE for the slide. atticus and beckett just kept
race sliding over and over again and laughing the whole time.

also at the park last night
this little bridge

the boys played on it for a while
atticus pretended to be a mean troll hiding under the bridge and wouldn't let us cross.
beck did not know what to think of the bridge. he was very skeptical about walking across it on his own.
he bent down and touched the wooden planks and took very careful steps across.
but was finally brave enough to do it on his own.

baby beck at the fair
i thought it would be cute to take a picture of his smiley face on the "have a nice day"bench
but he did not like being temporarily detached from my left hip in order to pose for the picture
so this is what i got instead

fyi - i found this little "OC salt creek" t-shirt at h&m and had to buy it for beck.
loved this beach growing up


and more of the fair fun house

happy atticus


crazy static hair on the slide


and the victory bounce at the end


.the end.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

the beckett experiment

beckett has decided that he is rather curious about the lives of siamese twins
and has therefore permanently attached himself to my left hip


darek is all sad about beck being a mama's boy and only ever wanting his mama
but i secretly kind of love it
even tho it makes things like cooking dinner really hard
and often requires a baby crying to be held even when i'm in the bathroom (TMI, perhaps?)

but the time beck was crawling down the stairs and bypassed darek to get to me
and even took a little tumble while high jumping darek's legs to get by
and darek picked him up to save him from an almost traumatic tumble-down-the-stairs
and he still just reached out for me and wouldn't rest his wary cries until darek handed him over
i was proud

then it was extra funny a few days later after i had to torture beck through an entire diaper change
(beck hates very few things but getting his diaper changed is #1 on his hate list)
and as soon as i was done he bolted straight to darek for protection
as if his siamese twin had betrayed him in the very worst way

so apparently his mama's boy-ness only goes so far
but i'll take all the love and snuggles i can get
as long as he's willing to give them

Saturday, April 09, 2011

at the carnival


so the spring fling carnival turned out to be pretty puny
which was actually perfect for our puny little boys

we started off the festivities with an exhilarating slip down the super slide

then atticus braved the dragon roller coaster all by his brave little self

and as you can see it was rather intense

but he was real proud of himself
(and ps, this is his favorite new "diamond shirt" which matches his "diamond hat")

then it was off to games with dad
(and also matched dad's "diamond hat")

where he won his most beloved of all beloved items - sponge bob

who he strangle-hugged for ten minutes straight

dad tried to show him how to shoot the beebee gun
but he just wanted to cover his ears while dad shot it instead

the biggest hit of the day by far, was the fun house
which i fully understand since it was my favorite as a mini as well

he zipped through it three times

and loved the slide the best each time

loved it so much in fact that he had to do some celebratory bouncing
each time he hopped off the slide


and finally
a sweet atticus-style "smile" on the merry-go-round


beckett was also present at the puny carnival
but apparently was too camera shy to make an appearance on the blog tonight


Friday, April 08, 2011

headed to the fair


word on the street is that town square is hosting a little spring fling carnival this weekend
this appears to be the official kick off of carnival season
have a happy weekend

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

are you a modern family fan?

because this is how we feel about it: it's our #1.
we laugh and laugh. it's right up there with arrested development as far as
witty writing and hilarious characters. it may not be your cup of tea but it's for sure ours.
darek and i just finished watching season one on dvd and just about died at cam's billy elliot.
it was just so random and unexpected. if you're not familiar with cam this just might not seem funny
but trust me, it's hilarious.

we didn't even know who billy elliot was and it was still funny.
like rewind and rewatch ten times rolling on the floor funny.
maybe you had to be there...

but please tell me that if you don't watch modern family
you'll remedy that asap!

Monday, April 04, 2011

still catching up

so i don't know what the point of taking a little blogging break is
if i'm just going to rewind time and blog about everything that happened
while i wasn't blogging

but whatever
this is what happened

lots of visitors!
i love my house full of people

we had family from LA and AZ come in, as well as Steve from UT
to enjoy a little march madness in sin city

there also happened to be FOUR birthdays among the sixteen people staying in the house
that weekend so it was cake and ice cream and candles and overall birthday goodness galore!



atticus was really excited about having so many cousins in the house
but he was more excited about having erin's ipad in the house

these future little kissing cousins being cutie little hugging cousins
look at beck's face! "this cute girl is hugging me! what do i do?"

and emptying all the drawers cousins

an attempt at getting all the cousins together
please note atticus' tears
he didn't really feel like sitting on the couch
so instead darek kind of chucked him onto the couch then ran out of the way
so we could try to get a picture real quick. it wasn't the best plan. such a sad little clown.

so just as the march madness folks were leaving town
the spring break folks were arriving

i didn't really ask permission to post this (Ce and Ch is it ok if i post this? how about i post it without saying your names? and excluding your home address and social security numbers? does that make it ok?) but the lady on the left (we shall refer to her as Ce to protect the innocent) was my almost last mission companion and is one of the very most BRAVISSIMA (that's italian for the most excellent ever!) people i know in all this world. i was so so happy to have her here for the week. we chatted all night every night and this is what i have to say about her: i want to be like her. TVB sorella mia.

the cute girl on the right is doing a foreign exchange program from belgium and of course wanted
to check out the wonders of vegas while in the states. she is a total sweetie and was so so good with my kids. it was so great to meet you Ch.
you'll always have a blow up mattress with your name on it here in LV!

so a little braggy brag here
Ce and her husband were recently patched with BACA! (Biker's Against Child Abuse)
this is a big deal people. 'tis no easy feat. i rubbed elbows with a few BACA-ites in my child therapist days and let the record show that these are cool people. they do wonderful things to help children victimized by abuse. plus they are just totally buff and cool and kind of scary...which is the point, and wear boots with flames on them like these that atticus stole from Ce. congrats to these recent BACA members!

thank you to everyone who came to visit
my house and heart are always happier when you're here!

Saturday, April 02, 2011

because we're real fancy like that

can you tell where this is?

here's another clue

fancy mcdonald's

does mcdonald's look like this where you live?
or is this chandelier-in-mcdonalds business just a sin city thing?

a few weeks ago, whilst i was in the throws of the anti-bloggies, darek suggested
"fancy mcdonalds" for a little friday night outing. fancy mcdonald's? i was skeptical.
but he insisted it had a good playspace for the kids and was indeed fancypants so i decided
to cash in my eat-at-mcdonald's-once-a-year exception and check it out.
and it was fancy

even the ketchup

and the playspace

and the boys loved it

and so did darek

so that's what we did
we ate happy meals on lace table clothes
and clinked our shakes in cheers to our health
and took pictures inside of mcdonald's
because it was fancy


and you thought my life lacked glamor

Friday, April 01, 2011

for the record...

this soft, sweet little marshmallow has busted out two molars and a canine this week
with nary of peep of complaint

this makes us all happy

speaking of happy i just started reading THIS book and i'm pretty sure that if you're a mother you should read it too. so far it somewhat resembles a legitimately helpful self-help book, not a lame non-helpful self-help book. i'm only three chapters in and i'll do a post when i finish because i think i'm going to be wanting to convince you to read it too. and we can all be happy!

other happy things:
amen to general conference being this weekend!
LOVE it! can't wait!

i have a lunch date with my very first best friend of my life tomorrow.
we were best friends when we were beckett's and atticus' ages.
we literally have a whole lifetime to get caught up on.

i've been blurbing the old blog again. i finished 2006 and am now working on 2007.
it's so funny to go back and read my blog. funny actually kind of means embarrassing because
i'm so dorky but whatever i'm glad i have it as a record.

hope you're having a happy day too!