Thursday, March 31, 2011

so there i was...

making dinner
while singing christmas hymns
which makes perfect sense, this the final day of march

it was o holy night, in fact
one of my faves

all was chaos around me
but i kept singing
even louder after atticus
"shhh, i can't hear sponge bob"-ed me

i was doing dishes too
because this makes sense
cooking and doing dishes at the same time

i retrieved a frying pan, a plate and a fork from the living room
because this also makes sense
that a frying pan should be in the living room

beck made it clear that he was done with dinner
and wanted OUT of his high chair

so his wish was granted

i kept singing
and picked up everything beck had removed from the lower cabinets
and put it all away so that he'd have something to do
the next time he walked by

and that's when i noticed, i was still singing the tune
but the words had changed
"oh how i love...
to clean up my kitchen...
a thousand"
(note: love actually = don't love in the instance)

that's about the time beck dumped the whole box of cheerios
the floor

my song changed again
this time to the tune of "matchmaker, matchmaker..."
but instead "mess-maker, mess-maker..."

of course he walked across them
crunched them all onto his feet
then sat down to eat them

did i stop him?
no, i took a picture of it instead


i'm not complaining
just sharing
because i'm sure your day was similar

.the end.


Gramma Dani said...

Oh, the memories..... :-) I can't believe how much blonde hair Beck is getting.

Darren, Tisha, Tanner & Tennyson said...

yes. similar is right. This is last night:

"Give said the little -BROTHER--give oh give, give oh give...."
as the fighting continues and the toy stealing ensues. THen--a miracle. The left over apple jacks that were spilled on the LIVING room floor earlier, and yet to be cleaned up...distracted the little one and there was peace for a moment. Of course, dog vomit, broken dishwasher and chaotic SINGLE mother living was all waiting for me in the background. I love hearing your stories. Miss you guys!

Circuit Fam said...

This is why we needs blogs, so that we can read about other "mom" days and know that we are not alone in the continuous non-stop, efforts of wifey hood and mommy hood and clean up hood.And to not think we are crazy when we make up songs to get through the day.