Friday, March 11, 2011

the anti-bloggies


so i've been feeling a little anti-bloggy lately
i'm just not sure the blogging world is always a positive thing...
do you know what i mean?

so i'm just taking a little break

but please rejoin me in the hopefully near future
when i become pro-bloggy again

in the meantime


pickygirl said...

I'll be missing your posts. Take care! and GAHHH! (open mouth amazement) what a gorgeous picture! I look at it and I practically hear music.

Terese said...

I can go on and on about reasons blogging can get me down, yet I still do it! I don't know why sometimes. I'm so curious of your reasons. Just for the record, your blog gets mentioned all the time here in Cambridge. I think it gives us hope of life outside of the student world. Plus it's great to see you guys on here :).