Thursday, March 31, 2011

so there i was...

making dinner
while singing christmas hymns
which makes perfect sense, this the final day of march

it was o holy night, in fact
one of my faves

all was chaos around me
but i kept singing
even louder after atticus
"shhh, i can't hear sponge bob"-ed me

i was doing dishes too
because this makes sense
cooking and doing dishes at the same time

i retrieved a frying pan, a plate and a fork from the living room
because this also makes sense
that a frying pan should be in the living room

beck made it clear that he was done with dinner
and wanted OUT of his high chair

so his wish was granted

i kept singing
and picked up everything beck had removed from the lower cabinets
and put it all away so that he'd have something to do
the next time he walked by

and that's when i noticed, i was still singing the tune
but the words had changed
"oh how i love...
to clean up my kitchen...
a thousand"
(note: love actually = don't love in the instance)

that's about the time beck dumped the whole box of cheerios
the floor

my song changed again
this time to the tune of "matchmaker, matchmaker..."
but instead "mess-maker, mess-maker..."

of course he walked across them
crunched them all onto his feet
then sat down to eat them

did i stop him?
no, i took a picture of it instead


i'm not complaining
just sharing
because i'm sure your day was similar

.the end.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

the beck buffet

every time i sweep the kitchen
beck thinks i'm assembling all his favorite foods for his own little buffet
which really are just the remnants of whatever meal he most recently tossed off his highchair

he always comes over searching for something yummy to eat

the inspection

the retrieval

the bragging

the eating

the end

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

back to the blog

i suppose eleven days can rightly constitute a break from the blog.
things have been busy around these parts but first a word on the anti-bloggies...

i really love blogging for lots of reasons that i'm too lazy to explain right now...
but i'm sure you have reasons you love blogging too and can pretend they're the same as mine
so that we're all on the same page, yes? ok...but, sometimes when i find that i'm spending too
much time on the computer, and often spending a lot of that time reading about the
"Glamorous Lives of Others" and perhaps wallowing in my own glamorouslessness,
or perhaps spending too much time dwelling in fake life on the computer
instead of living in real life...
it's usually a good idea to take a little break from the blogging world,
know what i mean?
basically the need to be more present in my life
as well as more productive come into play here.

so sometimes i have to take a step back to remember why i blog to begin with,
which is of course, to record the glamorous and more often the non-glamorous moments of my daily life.
to keep a record of my little family.
to hold on to the precious moments that my brain is
otherwise too cluttered too remember on its own.
to notice and record the small moments that make up this crazy and busy life
that is flying by much too quickly.

basically, to count my blessings
because there are many

i like to share
and i'm grateful you're here to read's back to blogging i go

there's a lot of catch-up but for now
i want to record things atticus has been saying lately
because he's hilarious and i love what he says
and as already stated: my brain is too cluttered to remember each detail on it's own


as i've blogged about before, back in my therapist days i really loved interpreting dreams.
it might seem like a bunch of new age huey but it's actually pretty cool and i've always looked forward to when my kids are old enough to tell me about their dreams. i often ask atticus about his but until recently he hasn't really been able to remember or explain them to me. however the other day i went into his room after nap time and he was so excited telling me all about some kind of craziness. i finally figured out that he was telling me about the dream that he had just had.
he said,

"mom! there was spaceship rocket
that went way high up in the sky
up to a tower in the clouds
and popped all the balloons!"

he told me all about it
acted it out
made kaboom and kablamy sound effects
and was real excited
and so was i. i loved it.

he talked about it for a few days
it was his first dream he could tell me about
and i'm excited to bust out the ole dream analysis skills and hope i don't discover some kind of
deep rooted unconscious trauma inflicted upon my poor children by my parental efforts.
but mostly i just want to enjoy the creativity of their little minds.
like spaceship rockets popping balloons

speaking of my parental efforts
we are all about "pleases" and "thank you's" and "may i's..." around here
as i am on an all out manners-teaching campaign these days
and atticus is getting really good at it, so much so that
he doesn't quite understand yet that there is a time and place for manners
and just because you have good manners doesn't mean you'll always get what you want.
i especially emphasize the "may i have a ____, please" which often backfires on me.

my most recent favorite:

i say,
"atticus, please come lay down so i can change your diaper."
(which is another story, that goes something like this: i haven't potty trained him yet)
atticus considers my request, says,
"ummmm, no thank you mom."
and runs away
i say,
"no atticus, this isn't something you can say no thank you to."
atticus looks at my thoughtfully
with the wheels turning in his head
and says,
"may i have a 'no thank you' please?"

this is usually when i say something real mom-lame-ish like
"thank you for being polite, but you still have to do what i say"
in true "because i'm the mom, that's why" fashion.

which pretty much brings me back to where i started, why i blog
because i'm the mom
and these precious moments with these little crazies
need to be remembered

thanks for reading!

Friday, March 11, 2011

the anti-bloggies


so i've been feeling a little anti-bloggy lately
i'm just not sure the blogging world is always a positive thing...
do you know what i mean?

so i'm just taking a little break

but please rejoin me in the hopefully near future
when i become pro-bloggy again

in the meantime

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

the bday showdown

darek wasn't expecting much by way of b-day celebrating yesterday since we've got plans to celebrate with family this weekend but the boys and i pulled a fast one on him and had a little party. after nap time we went on a little shopping spree and darek came home to homemade happy birthday signs and christmas-wrapped birthday gifts. it was a happy little surprise and a happy little party.

(um, by way of compulsory explanation: there once was a very large fork hanging besides the very large knife hanging besides the very large spoon on the wall.
i'm sure it comes as no surprise to learn that upon toddler intervention that very large fork was sent to an early and tragic death and has yet to be replaced.)


opening birthday cards
and atticus counting the birthday moolah
that has already been spent on a birthday blue ray player

naturally atticus took on the challenge of gift unwrapping like it was his toddler job
and was real excited with what he found

mastering the bop it bounce
setting birthday bounce records and such

sportin some new digs

the party favors
clearly these little water guns were atticus' choice during our birthday shopping spree
as was the water gun fight that ensued post birthday dinner in the backyard

and speaking of birthday dinner...

and since "real men don't eat square cake"
for dessert we had left over nothing-bundt-cake that darek's coworkers brought him at work

it was delicious
maybe like incredibly delicious
maybe like the most incredibly delicious thing i've ever eaten
(which means the great wall of china got saved for tonight. that's two heavenly nights in a row. yum.)

the rest of the goods
fitting that darek's fortune cookie said
"you will enjoy doing something different this weekend"
since he's headed to some of the mountain west bball games with
brothers, bro-in-law, nephews and friends, no?
that's a happy birthday!

happy birthday darek
have a happy 32nd year!

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

the birthday dad


the handsome hub and i started celebrating birthdays together over a decade ago.
and i must say that although i was quite smitten at nineteen i'm even more smitten today.
he just gets better with age.

in boston we started a little pf chang's great wall of china birthday tradition
which we will carry on take-out style tonight. mmmmmm.
albeit cox-less which makes it less fun
but still special

i've loved you a long time darek
and i'll love you forever


happiest birthday

to the best husband
and best daddy
two boys
and a mommy
could ask for

*we love you*

Sunday, March 06, 2011

"i do all my own stunts"

this little video is already obsolete
as his bag of tricks is growing by the day
but it was too cute not to share