Saturday, February 12, 2011

taking a sick day

so after the mad ragamuffin play yesterday atticus busted out with a sweet temp and overall yuckiness. blah, blah, blah, late night, tylenol, no sleep, you know the story. so today we took a sick day. and seeing as i am germie boy's #1 snuggler it appears that i'll be busting out a sick day tomorrow. nice. anywho, needless to say the star wars jammies have been in high demand for the last 24 hours. those puppies make it through the wash about once a day since atticus wants to wear them every second. even now we're anxiously awaiting the beep of the dryer so germie boy can wear his temporarily germ-free jammies and germ them all up again.

i snapped these last week during another of our dryer-waiting rituals.
love the pouty lip in the first one. so sad without his fave jams.

but nothing beats this celebration!
victorious in his star wars jammies!

feel better soon little man

PS - to you wise commentors that suggested buying a second pair - brilliance!
i think i thought of that once but have never done it. we bought these over a year ago in boston but i'll keep my eyes peeled!
fingers crossed we'll find an identical pair.


Allison said...

Awesome pictures. I love how his tiny little bun is peeking out of his diaper. Hope you all feel better soon.

lgandrews said...

Ever think of buying a second pair? Star Wars is likely to be "interesting/popular" enough for a few years or at least until these are worn out or handed-down to his brother.

Crazy Lady said...

that is funny he has such an attachment, and when you are going to buy another pair to save yourself some work :) stinks he was sick when d was gone too

Amy D. said...

oh i feel your pain. liv is on day 3 of fever, yuckiness. not fun with a newborn to worry about.feel better soon!!