Friday, February 25, 2011

recovery week


i can't tell you how grateful i am to be a week past the surgery and into recovery. darek planned on toughing out work on thursday and friday but found himself being driven home by a co-worker by lunchtime thursday instead. his recovery is going well but he's just beat. however thanks to the painkillers and sleeping in the guest room he's probably getting the best sleep of his life so that's a plus. and speaking of pluses he's also temporary excused from the up-in-the-night-with-the-kids rotation, lucky dog. i suppose that's worth a measly little knee surgery.

and speaking of up in the night can i just throw in another shout out to my incredible sister-in-law erin who came to my rescue last weekend? as if it weren't enough that she a)took time from her family, b) totally ran my household while she was here (ie - cooking, cleaning, take-care-of-kids-ing) and c) kept me company and sane while she was here, but she also busted out the whole rock the sick baby all night move. how's that for love? pure love, i say. and pure generosity too. have i mentioned that i miss her? my house has yet to be fully clean since she left. despite my best efforts, my vacuum has been sitting in my tv room since tuesday just waiting for me to push it around so it could suck up all the cereal beck poured on the floor and the rest of us crushed into the carpet each time we passed through. i'm happy to report however, that i'm fully caught up on laundry, which never happens and said cereal has finally been sucked right up and vacuum returned to closet, which i thought would never happen. i suppose i'm surviving afterall. and since we're throwing around loads of auntie love, cori also did some babysitting/taking atticus on an outing/visiting me this week. thank you, my dear. i feel the love!

so really that's it. not much to report. i busted out a little H&M trip today because i had to spend my giftcards that were going to expire tomorrow. don't you hate being forced to shop? you do? cuz, i was kidding. i don't hate it. atticus has gotten all wise about shopping. when he says, "mom, may i please have a _____?" (blank = any number of treat options) and i say "sorry dude, we're out of blank." without skipping a beat he tilts his head to the side with a very serious look on his face and says, "hm, i guess we'll just have to go to the store and buy more." what? where does he get this stuff? well..from me i think. it's like when i'd ask for something as a kid and my mom would say she didn't have money for it and i'd tell her it was time to take a trip to the ATM. history...repeating...

in beck news, that baby marshmallow's first week as a one year old deserves a post all its own so for now suffice it to say that he's currently somewhere in the vicinity of a master walker. well, for about ten steps or so. still crawling lots but nothing beats his little zombie walk. plus as we are now a full three days running nose-less he's the happiest, jolliest, merriest little soul you ever did see and that makes us all happy.

hope things are great on your end

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pickygirl said...

I love how you call him the baby marshmallow-- that was like a literary hug.