Tuesday, February 01, 2011

please don't turn me into social services for blog neglect

i've been doing real important things like

taking care of my kids, of course
and ordering THIS wallpaper which i thought was orange and turquoise
but in real true life is metallic gold and turquoise. to return or not to return?
and getting my house ready for the PART-AY girl's weekend i'm hosting this weekend
which means house projects, house projects, house projects
and buying tickets to see KA
woo hoo!

and anyway, the point is
that i really should be C-L-E-A-N-I-N-G
and not blogging

and somehow i'm now sitting here blogging

so i gotta go
sorry for the silence
it's not you
it's me


Crazy Lady said...

see i think i'd like the gold and blue better.

have fun with the girls, sounds like a blast.

Crazy Lady said...

i think we've been very good about blogging, don't worry

Ambrosia said...

I think I'd like the gold and blue better too. Love it!