Sunday, February 27, 2011

.one year.
.one week.
.one day.



*walking: step, step, step, plop, up, step, step
*snuggling into my shoulder with so much enthusiasm
he often sinks his teeth into my collar bone
*softly petting my eye lashes and occasionally plucking one
*sticking a mini finger up my nostril when cuddling me
*little tongue sticking out all.the.time.
*and usually doing this little "la la la" lolly tongue thing
*loves crawling around the backyard and getting so dirty
*always begging for bites of our food
*signing "more" while eating
*currently working on his ninth tooth
*scrunching his face and sniffing like a puppy
*points to every ceiling fan he sees
especially the orange one in his room
*also points at the owls in his room
and greets them every time he sees them
*has eaten blueberries almost exclusively today
*loves to take lids off and on things
*gives a high pitched giggle
whenever i hand him his kitty

*one year check up*
height 31'' 80th percentile
weight 24 lbs. 64th percentile
head 45.5 cm 20th percentile
(still a mini head)

*so snuggley*
*so happy*

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