Friday, February 18, 2011

one last hurrah


we took the kiddos to chuck e cheese last night for one last family outing before darek becomes immobilized for a few weeks by his knee surgery today. he tore his ACL...again...and is having it knee surgery...again. same knee, six years later. somewhat inconvenient, but i'm grateful it's fixable and nothing serious in the grand scheme of things.

as always, the boys loved the huge truck

and climbing out on top of it

last night darek's sister erin flew in from AZ to help us out for the surgery-recouping weekend.
i don't want to say too much because maybe i'll start crying great tears of gratitude but i can not tell you what a blessing it is to have her here. THANK YOU erin for coming to our major rescue this weekend! she's so great with the kids and they LOVE her and it's just so helpful to have another set of hands.
tear...tear...tear... so grateful.
thank you!

atticus considered using this hammer to play the game for which it was intended
but then he just decided to hit himself in the head with it

riding the police car

this thing was popular

too popular even to hop off for one second to eat

and this is my fave of the night
i walked over to find atticus riding this little pretend roller-coaster
and gasping and gripping as if he were riding montezuma's revenge at knott's berry farm

welp, we're headed to the hospital now
wish us luck!


Crazy Lady said...

Ah good luck Darek! Can't remember which kind is he getting this time? hope recovery is a breeze ;)

Nikki said...

Good luck with the knee surgery and recovery. Jake's experienced with knee surgeries and might have to go back for a third. At least you could have some fun with the kids right before...Brandon loved that monster truck at chuck e cheeses also. The joy of little children! Good luck again!

Gramma Dani said...

I just had an epiphany moment...
I have hinted at it before, but when I saw these photos of Beckett, it suddenly dawned on me that except for the brown eyes and the boyish-ness of the face, he looks like his MOMMY for sure! Will call tomorrow to wish him a happy first birthday, not that he will care or anything... Best wishes to Darek!!!