Friday, February 11, 2011

the mother of ragamuffins


perhaps this should be the new name of my blog because i've got me some serious ragamuffins.
i really wish i could say that my fantastical girls weekend last week revived me and made a whole new mother out of me but although i was flying high early in the week, i totally crashed later in the week. i have a meager hope that today was rock bottom and we can only go up from here. it was a rough day, as all fridays seem to be. sadly darek is on a church camp out so i'm flying solo tonight which wouldn't be that big of a deal if it hadn't been such a crazy day. both boys took short naps and woke up grumpy and crying. i tried all the tricks in my mama's bag and finally resorted to my all time secret weapon: let them loose in the backyard. hose, mud and all. it was messy but it was survival. and after a major bath and a load of laundry we're sort of functioning again.

love beck's face here
clearly the mud-fest was a success

pushing the big wheel

atticus making mud
beck crawling in mud

poor atticus had a particularly rough day.
i think he has a fever so perhaps we're in for an even tougher night.
nevertheless the free for all in the backyard was toddler heaven and his favorite star wars
jammies made it through the wash in time for bed so things are looking up.

poor beck, frazzled mom didn't even monitor the mud in-gestation.
and that picture on the right - i know, very poor judgment to include on the blog
but what good is a blog post without some real life honesty, eh? that's the kind of day we had.
and i just might have ice cream for dinner because of it.

however, in happier non-ragamuffin news the babes is standing more and more on his own
and took four full steps today without any cajoling from the rest of us. i'd consider those his first steps even though he's taken a couple here and there. his most favorite of all favorite pass times right now is death gripping our fingers and walking walking walking anywhere and everywhere he can. it's really cute. and he's really cute. maybe cuter without the runny nose/muddy mouth, but still real cute.

alright, enough with my pity party
i hope your children were perfect angels today
and i hope you get the best night sleep of your life tonight!

PS - spent the last two days with kindle zipping right through THIS
it's a must read!

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Laura said...

Amberli- I love this very last pic of Beckett, 1 socked foot, one muddy foot. So cute! I can't believe our little babies are a year old now!