Tuesday, February 08, 2011

{las vegas girls trip 2011}
'tis quite unlikely that the magnificence can be summed up in one measly little blog post, but let's give it a shot...

three years ago these lovely ladies (plus likely, of course. we missed you!) held the first ever john hall (freshman dorm @ BYU) reunion in NYC. it was dreamy and wonderful and simply had to be repeated yearly. so last year reunion #2 was in CA, which sadly i had to miss due to a family wedding. well, this year as soon as our family left after thanksgiving and my house was feeling so lonely, i emailed these chickies and invited them to LV for our third girls trip. within 27 seconds they had all emailed back, the dates were chosen and the anticipation was soaring. well, only a few times in life can you say you've had the perfect weekend but this, my friends, was indeed the perfect weekend.
let's recap the goodness...

thursday was spent running to and from the airport as everyone arrived. each arrival was a screaming hugging i-love-you-ing fest. i even almost got a lame parking ticket while i was reunioning with amy at the passanger pick-up at the airport. ticket writing guy did not care that we were celebrating the kick off of the best weekend ever. we had dinner at the elephant bar thursday night then stayed up until 2 chatting as if we hadn't seen each other all year, cuz we hadn't.

we kicked off friday morning with some serious shopping. then we went shopping. we also spent a lot of time shopping. friday night we got all gussied up and headed downtown to see the cirque du soleil show KA at MGM. i am totally exaggeration-less when i say it was incredible. like my jaw was hanging open to the floor in amazement the entire time and i kept saying "WOW!" and maybe even "holy crap" out loud. i can't even really describe it in a way that you'd understand how cool it is but just know that people are flying here and there and everywhere and there is a buff tarzan with nakey buns that sparkles like edward.

all the ladies at KA

in front of the KA sign
and yes, i rocked the hat on KA night
above: me from LV, amy from TX, allison from AZ, melissa from CA (hosted last year's reunion), megan from CO, trisha from AZ, shauna from CO, mehrsa from UT (but originally from NYC and hosted our first reunion), jojo from FL, and jenny from the freezing land of MN.

all gussied and posing on the staircase pretending it's prom night
i'll also just make quick mention of our crazy prom-esque dress trying on that we did later that night downtown.
we even took pictures of the fiasco. but the pictures have been entered into the "for our eyes only" archives
of the john hall girls trip sisterhood so you shant be seeing them here.
but it was funny. and we are funny. and you'll just have to take my word for it.

jenny and melissa sparkling

and i don't really remember what was happening here
but apparently amy and i thought it was pretty funny

melissa, who is the very queen of making magic happen, schmoozed the door guy at studio 54 and got us in for free
for some wild let's-pretend-like-we're-18-and-at-the-omni dancing.
it was a flashback of the very best kind.

but first we had to take a little stroll down the strip to ross for some dancable shoes for the crazy high heel wear-ers
and some t-shirts for the crazy sweater wear-ers.
and naturally had to pose for yet another picture on our way.

then we partied it up like it was 1996 at studio 54





you get the picture. lots of dancing happened.


and i won't mention how even tho we had the most fun ever dancing we were all like "oh my aching back" and "man, i'm so old" afterwards. but it was a blast and the aching back was worth it! and we retired to our comfy beds at the ripe hour of 3:30 in the AM after more chatting and treating.

~ spa day ~
ahhhhhh...spa day

saturday was spa day. we got a spa suite (that's right, i said SPA SUITE) at the cosmopolitan for the afternoon where we were the happy and grateful recipients of all manner of spa treatments. now, once upon a time i would have maybe said something ridiculous like "i'm not really a spa-type girl" but then i birthed two babies and aged ten years and yes! i am in all actuality a real live spa girl.
and luckily so are all my girlfriends.

and needless to say, but i'll say it anyway
it was of course melissa's mad magic-making skills that made spa day so successful

(and sidenote: it was also melissa's mad magic-making skills that got us to KA on time,
but i'll leave the going 100 mph weaving through traffic on the strip details to your imaginations)

the sahara spa suite


so then it was all mani-pedi-facial-massage galore for four hours. not to mention the whirl pool, hot tub, steam room, sauna, and shower-that-dumped-water-right-out-of-the-ceiling-and-sprayed-it-at-me-from-all-directions goodness. and the yummy food and don't forget the hanging out with 9 of your best friends part. now, i'm not a fan of the whole be jealous of my life blog craze, but feel free to be jealous this time around because it was jealous-making heaven!




jo and jenny


amy and allie

more jenny

and a special note of gratitude - the girls picked up the tab for my hour long massage.
pure bliss. it perhaps brings tears of joy to my eyes just thinking about it.
THANK YOU girls! it was so so very needed and appreciated!

naturally all the relaxing and pampering really works up a girl's appetite
so after some casino/strip exploring it was dinner at the wicked spoon buffet at the cosmopolitan



and as you can imagine the food was wicked good
i mean like incredible crepes in melted brown sugar and buttery caramel wicked good

especially the dessert
yes, please!

more sauntering around the cosmo, checking out the chandelier


saturday night we stayed up until 2 or 3 or 4 or something once again chatting like we weren't going to see each other for another year, cuz we won't, and looking through old photos from college. it was hilarious and scary and great and tender all rolled into one.

half of the ladies had to leave sunday morning but jenny, shauna, trisha and allison all came to church with me so i had my own personal fan section cheering me on when i had to run up onto the stand in hot pursuit of my crazy three year old, which was pretty rad. jenny also wins the super rock star, all american champion, MVP and whatever else means totally awesome award for taking atticus during primary while i tap danced to entertain the kids. there was a ruckus. it wasn't easy. but amen for having jenny there to help. i heart you jenny, thank you!

and while i'm tossing around thank you's i must shout one out to all the girls for coming and making the perfect weekend perfect. and especially to jenny, shauna, allison and trisha for totally spic and spanning my whole house before they left sunday night. for real! we're talking laundry, dishes, scrubbing the bathrooms, cooking dinner, mopping, folding, putting away and everything else-ing that i hate to do. it's quite possible my house was cleaner upon their departure then their arrival. the real cherry on top of the cake, no?

and last but not least
to the hub!

who took friday off work so i could get my shop on with the girls. and not only did dad duty FULL time all weekend but did babysitter duty to shauna's newborn friday night so we could see KA. and was super sleep deprived because the boys slept in our room with us plus beck felt the need to celebrate girls weekend by growing teeth and sporting a cold, not to mention we were so loud and crazy until the wee hours that there just was not much sleep to be had by the males in the house. and darek got up in the morning with the boys so i could get 4 instead of only 3 hours of sleep each night. and he didn't even bat an eye at the "we're going shopping and i'm spending money" shinanigans. and he watched TV in the playroom with his head phones on so we could continue our very graphic girl chatting all night long (you wouldn't believe not only the topics we covered but the details we shared. also archived away.) needless to say, he took the weekend like a champ, in typical darek fashion and i am the luckiest of all lucky girls for being married to the mister.

and for having the best girlfriends ever!
i love you ladies

can't wait until next year
T minus 363 days...



Likely said...

AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe I wasn't there. really what is my problem? I looks like it was so incredible. and I missed a dance session? seriously. all of you look so beautiful, I just can't get over it. I love the picture of Amy laughing because I can just hear it! And you need to send me some of the insider pictures! I was laughing all the way through thinking about Melissa working her magic. She does seriously have mad magic making skills --- ALWAYS HAS!! I just smily CANNOT miss it next year. nope nope nope. Don't let me, okay? Tell me I don't have to be responsible.

I am sooo JEALOUS. Thank you for missing me though, I sure did miss all of you:)

Shauna said...

Genius, Perfection, Wicked, and AWESOME is all I have to say about your post. I literally just re-lived the best weekend. You nailed it girlfriend!!! Seriously, why am I sooooo blessed to have such incredible girlfriends! Thanks for taking a girl in from the 2nd floor:) Love you and your sweet hubby for allowing my weekend to be as newborn free as possible! Derek is the hubby to compete with!

P.S. The pic of you looking at your phone was when D said A was in his bed, B was asleep, and H was chilling on his chest and to stay out as long as we wanted! Obviously, looking at that text put a smile on all of our faces!

Trisha said...

SO much fun!!! Thanks so much for hosting a great weekend...and thanks to Derek for letting us come. Love you!

mel gainor said...

Great recap lady. I want to repeat the shout out to your husband. What a champ. Put us on the books for dinner with the husbands in Vegas on march 11th. Love you!

Megan and Eric Barnhurst said...

Your post is genius! Can I just send people to your blog from mine so that I don't have to compete with that? You summed it all up perfectly. Thanks again! XOXO

Rachel said...

It really does sound/look like the perfect weekend. What a FUN group of friends!

familia Bybaran said...

Way to totally describe the weekend perfectly! I was almost jealous of your life and your weekend and had to stop myself to remind myself that I was there too and lived the awesomeness.

I had a blast and felt so grateful to have you guys as friends. I also paid for my wild partying this entire week. Sick and tired and hungover (from fun, of course!) I am counting down the days til 2012 girls trip!

Bronwyn James said...

First of all, great to catch up!

Second of all:
Hat. Definitely hat.
Brothers in love, not in love, playing, wrestling, almost walking - I love it all.
And gross about the kissing. But good story.

Miggy said...

I am jealous. Really. I don't know all of you, but there are enough of you girlies I just love to death and hanging out again like it was 1996 (or 97 since that's when I came on the scene) would have been so much fun. Those pictures of Jo dancing take me back, not just to college but high school...so much fun. And I am such a spa girl....so again, jealous.

Nikki said...

Looks like a lot of fun, fabulous spa, fantastic hotel and girl time.